Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The Sania-Shoaib story is still going strong on TV. The full-time soap opera is dragging their names through mud while keeping the public entertained. Everyone’s talking about it, whether for or against the couple.

Bombay Times even ran an April’s Fool feature around their wedding reception.

While the supplement is running interviews with other ‘single hotties’ about their take on the issue.

Star News has a daily feature on Shoaib’s alleged marriage with Ayesha Siddhiqui. And other TV channels such as IBN Lokmat are not far behind. Ayesha’s family members, especially her father and mother, have been ranting, raving, crying, cursing and yelling in turns at press conferences. Makes one wonder what kind of a drama William Shakespeare would have come up with on hearing the details of this issue.


Will this issue that has been blown-out-of-all-proportion bring about an improvement in Indo-Pak relations?

I personally feel it is a great boost to the stumbling Indian economy.

1. The TRPs are obviously soaring for the various TV channels that are making hay while the sun shines.
2. It is not just the tabloids but even respectable newspapers have made the Sania-Shoaib affair, front page news.
3. A few lawyers must be minting money on this issue.
4. Many websites are running features on the controversy that seems to have become the hottest issue in our country.
5. Astrologers are going overboard with their predictions on whether the wedding will take place and if it does, how long it might or might not last.
6. It is a hot topic of discussion on online social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
7. Bookies are taking huge bets on whether the two will tie the knot or no.
8. A guy from the streets who gives predictions with the help of his parrot has parked himself outside Sania’s residence at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad and is making money offering his two-bit worth on this issue to anyone who is interested.

Wonder what more one can expect before the news fizzles out and some other melodrama takes its place.


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  2. @ Sundari u missed One bigg thing

    Headlines Mid-Day adds on that Shoaib offered his so called wife, Ayesha a sum of Rs. 15 crore to just keep mum after a week long opera.
    Who's jst really interested in knowing whats really going on in their lives. But I really don't why are people making such an hype out of it. Why can't today's melodramatic public stop bothering about others....
    But true that channel TRP's are high on sky...
    Best of luck and Long go such saga's

  3. :D you know what anil says, sania went on praying to Allah for some privacy and Allah helped by bringing Tharoor in the news and Sania story took a back seat!