Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Nilima Mohite
I have known Nilima since 2007 when I joined Web18. We became close only since 2009 and I have to mention that she's a great friend of mine.

About Nilima in her own words:

"If you cant see the bright side, polish the dull side ;) 
Good day PPL ! :D

Carpe Diem ! Seize the day :)
My Motto: Live Life Queensize !!! Whatever I do in life I give it my 100% & then hope for the best else I dont do it. Enjoy each moment, coz THE PRESENT IS THE GIFT U GIFT URSELF!

A software engineer, blogger, trekker, music/dance/books lover, photography (current new hobby & part time job ;) ), knowledge seeker, adventurer, meditation, healer also preacher (pravachan dena), marathon runner, a New-Mom now ...."

Nilima's reviewed my book DOUBLE JEOPARDY on her blog Just Any Random Topic:

Valentine Week has started. Got to know this year, there are days lined up before 14th Feb such as Love day, I love you Day, Propose Day,....

So what better way to get in the mood than to read the  Romance Novel Double Jeopardy  by The Indian Mills & Boon queen, proclaimed by me, my friend Sundari Venkatraman !

I have read multiple short stories by her, follow her blog posts ardently, chat almost daily with her, have read her novel The Malhotra Bride too. Reading all these and talking to her, I have given her the title of The Indian Mills & Boon queen ;)

CLICK HERE to read the complete review....

Thank you Nilima Mohite for the lovely feedback.

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