Friday, February 14, 2014

Sharing: THE MALHOTRA BRIDE 2nd Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my readers!

I have some great news to share on this day. I have self-published my novel THE MALHOTRA BRIDE (romance) on Amazon. This particular work has come a very long way. To begin with, it remained in my PC for many years (since the year 2000) with no publisher willing to accept it. In 2009 came Raider Publishing International based in the USA. After paying through my nose and receiving a few printed copies, I got to know that this is a Print-on-demand establishment. I received zilch in return.

Completely frustrated, I published the novel as a series on my blog – Cupid Strike Series. Despite that, I approached Indireads (publishers of my novel DOUBLE JEOPARDY) for publishing it. When they showed no interest, I just gave up.

Introducing Sunita Rishi, the heroine
By now Rubina Ramesh had become my friend via facebook. She was shocked when she saw that I had put up my novels – four by now – on my blog. She had read a few chapters and told me that I needed to have them self-published, if there are no takers.

I explored the medium and found that Amazon is a Gem, no less. Self-publishing on their platform is too easy for words. I got a professional artist to do a cover for me. I have had a lot of proof-reading and editing experience recently, thanks to Indireads and a couple of other projects. This gave birth to the latest version of THE MALHOTRA BRIDE.

Introducing Akshay Malhotra, the hero
I have completely revamped the novel and brought it up-to-date. Even those people who have read the first version – yeah, there are a number of people who have done that – will find it quite different from the original.

My Logo
And that’s how the 2nd edition of THE MALHOTRA BRIDE came to be published on Amazon under the banner FLAMING SUN.

You can buy THE MALHOTRA BRIDE on any of the below-mentioned websites depending on which country you live in. The book is a kindle version. If you don't have a Kindle Reader on your phone, laptop, PC or tab, you can download it for FREE on Amazon.


  1. Congratulations Sundari. Your perseverance paid off. Way to go!!!

  2. Congrats Sundari. I look forward to reading your book!