Tuesday, February 18, 2014


One of the two pics that I got right
I was keen to visit Artist Prakash Ghadge’s exhibition at Nehru Centre Art Gallery. But I got the dates mixed up and landed at Artist Bhaskar Sagar’s exhibition titled Ancient Beauty of Stones.

Hampi (pic courtesy: http://bhaskarsagar.in/)
The artist has captured ancient sculptures at Hampi, Ellora and a few other places in his paintings using water colours.

I like traditional art over modern art as I understand the former while I can’t relate to the latter. I was quite happy to see that Bhaskar Sagar’s paintings were very pleasing to the eye and I had a good time browsing through his art works. There was no one else as it was the last day of his show.

Artist Bhaskar Sagar posing in front of his paintings at Nehru Centre Art Gallery
A quote from Artist Bhaskar Sagar (courtesy his website):

Personally, I have been honestly attempting to depict our ancient culture through the Art of Painting. It is believed that Indian culture is one of the oldest in the world. If its heritage fails, I am afraid, we will be lose it forever. Therefore, we must preserve, for our future generations, these treasures and avoid further damage to our culture. Again, we must exhibit to the world our great cultural heritage.

Pic courtesy: http://bhaskarsagar.in/
Only one picture that I clicked turned out good while the rest of them reflected the overhead lights. Some of the other pictures I took from the artist’s website.

Pic courtesy: http://bhaskarsagar.in/


  1. Wow, You still good a good chance to view to some awesome work. Universe at work ;)
    Claps for Bhaskar Sagar, good work Sir.

    1. Yeah :) and I visited Tao Gallery too. Will put that up tomorrow ;)