Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sharing: 6D THEATRE @ R-City Mall

Vini had an office programme at R-City Mall on Friday last. She went early to reach there before two pm. I left later and got there by 5 pm. The crowd was incredible as it was Eid. It took me a while to enter the compound.

I waited for her programme to get over outside Starbucks while I read a book – The Krishna Key. I attended the tail end of their show and then we took off checking out what R-City Mall had to offer.

One of the attractions was 6D Theatre. I am not sure what they mean by 6D. But we decided to check it out anyway. The tickets came for Rs. 150 per person for a half an hour show. I have been to one such show at Imax Wadala some years back.

We got in at 8.15 and took our seats. They gave us 3D glasses. We had been warned that the seats would move and we would feel sprays of water as well as air blown into our faces. All of that happened and it was such fun! I have not laughed so much since long. Vini kept swearing as she got scared a few times. I had promised myself that I would close my eyes if I got afraid. Well, I did not bother as it was anything but frightening.

There were three small movies. The first – Snowy Rocket Mission – was of a rocket travelling too close to the surface on snowbound peaks. We escaped so many near-crashes. It was exciting as I could feel my body moving in tune as if I was piloting the craft myself.

The second was in a jungle – African Jungle Safari. It was quite pathetic with a couple of spiders, a prehistoric mammoth and a few snakes. But quite amusing!

The third was the best of the lot – Roller Coaster. It was a roller-coaster ride. The only time I sat on a real one at Esselworld, I had sworn to myself never to take this type of ride again. But this virtual trip was simply fabulous, with my feet barely a few inches from the floor.

Actually speaking, all the three films were of mediocre quality. But what the hell! It was pure unadulterated enjoyment. I felt like a kid.

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