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Royal Garden Resort
On Sunday last, Venkat offered to take us all for a ride to Lonavla. Viggy was not too keen to go away for the whole day and finally we decided to go to Royal Garden Resort on Mumbai Ahmedabad Highway. Actually, we used to visit this place often when Vinny and Viggy were kids. We had been there about 5-6 times and remembered that the food was excellent.

The bar at The Orient
We left home by about 12.30 pm and went by Sion-Panvel Highway on to Godhbunder Road. Luckily, there was not too much traffic and despite bad roads we reached the junction where this road met with the Mumbai Ahmedabad Highway and took a right from there to reach Royal Garden Resort. We were there before 2 pm.

The spacious restaurant - The Orient
The place had changed a lot since our previous visit. They have added more rooms as well as a water park to the resort. The restaurant that used to be housed in the open air had been covered by a proper building. It is called The Orient now. We thought that they served Chinese food. Luckily, that was not so. The Orient serves Indian, Chinese, Mexican and Italian. But, they are still best known for the Indian cuisine as we found out.

A view of the resort rooms and the garden in front of them
We took a round of the place. We missed the large open space that has been swallowed up by the myriad constructions. There used to be a small pond with many ducks. But the resort still sports a lot of greenery and it looked beautiful in the rains.

Boiled channa salad; Masala Papad
We finally settled down in the spacious restaurant with floor length windows. Venkat and Vignesh ordered beers. They served boiled channa flavoured with onions, kotmir, etc. It was simply delicious.

The four of us at The Orient
We asked for Masala Papad and they were brought to our table crunchy as ever. What I have noticed with this is that usually the papads gets a bit soft by the time they are served. But the Masala Papad served here was anything but. They tasted absolutely yummy.

Tandoori Chicken
We asked for starters. Viggy ordered a Tandoori Chicken. Father and son totally relished it. Then we asked for a plate of Mixed Bhajjias and Paneer Tikka. Venkat requested the waiter not to add food colour to our dishes. They obliged us.

Mixed Bhajia Platter
The mixed platter consisted of potato, khanda, cauliflower, capsicum and green chilli bhajias. They all tasted awesome. The Paneer Tikka simply melted in our mouths. The kachumber that came along was delicious. I had a Virgin Pina Colada with my starters. It was superb!

Paneer Tikka
We ordered a round of Cole Slaw Salad (well, that’s what it was called on the menu). It was fresh and yummy and consisted of yellow and red bell peppers along with the usual cabbage and carrots. Yummy! Venkat insisted on having a second round.

Cole Slaw
By now, Vinny and I were quite full and decided to take a walk while father and son decided to order a Mutton Biryani. When we returned after ten minutes, they were tucking into the biryani with great relish.

Virgin Pina Colada
After some more time, Vinny asked for Dal Makhani and Roti while Viggy asked for a Lachcha Paratha. I ordered Pasta in Spinach and Cheese Sauce. While my kids found their food simply great, the Pasta was extremely mediocre. I just could not finish it despite the helping being just enough for one person.

Mutton Biryani
We asked for two small cup ice creams to finish off our lunch. I would recommend the restaurant highly for its Indian cuisine. They serve absolutely delicious Indian food here.

Dal Makhani; Roti; Lachcha Paratha
They have a full fledged water park and rooms to stay in if you plan to spend a weekend there. There is also a poolside restaurant that is functional in the evenings, I think. You can check out the details in their website that I have mentioned below.

Pasta in Spinach & Cheese Sauce
We left after lunch and drove back by the Western Express Highway and got stuck in traffic as there is construction work going on near the airport. We finally got back home at around 6 pm. A lovely outing indeed!

Royal Garden Resort
Mumbai Ahmedabad Highway,
9 Km from Dahisar Check Post,
Taluka Vasai,
Thane District
Phone: 0250-2230017/19

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