Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Chaat Masala
Chaat Masala adds punch to many dishes, especially items like Sev Puri, Ragada Pattice, Dahi Vada and the like. Of course, this is available readymade with many brands. But I prefer the Chaat Masala that I make at home.


Jeera – 50 gm
Pepper – 1 tsp
Black Salt – 50 gm
Salt – ¼ tsp
Mirchi Powder – ½ tsp


1. Roast the jeera well till it turns brown.
2. Add the pepper and mix well just a couple of minutes before you turn off the gas.
3. Allow the jeera-pepper mix to cool down.
4. Add jeera, pepper, black salt, salt and mirchi powder together in the mixer and grind to a fine powder.

If you think you might use this quantity over a couple of months, store half of it in an airtight container in the kitchen and the other half in another container that can be kept in your freezer.

You can even make delicious chaas by adding Chaat Masala to it.

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