Friday, May 31, 2013

eBook Review: PYAR AUR POETRY By Roopa Menon

Arundhati is beautiful, intelligent and a go-getter. Nikhil could not seem more different. He lacks confidence despite being intelligent; he works hard but does not know how to promote himself and he is not too popular. Professor Nadkarni insists that these two students get together to host the Founder’s Day program at St Paul’s College. Will it work? Arundhati is all set to murder Nikhil while the young man just plain adores her. In the meanwhile, there is this D.G. Beckett who gets between the two. While it seems as if Beckett must also be from the same college, the man remains incognito. Arundhati is strongly attracted to Beckett while Nikhil works hard – with a lot of help from his grandmother – to woo her. Who will win Arundhati’s hand? Nikhil or Beckett? Pyar or Poetry? Read the book to find out more.

What struck me the most is the excellent language in which Pyar Aur Poetry has been penned. I was truly impressed by Roopa Menon’s play with the Queen’s language. Kudos! The story is simple and beautifully written and the plot very interesting.

I liked Nikhil being there for all things Indian and how he slowly manages to convert the snooty Arundhati who is absolutely Firang in her tastes – in food, books as well as films. I enjoyed reading the Rajnikant sequence and Nikhil’s simple joy in teasing her.

The end has turned out beautifully and I found it absolutely romantic. Keep up the good work, Roopa Menon! Looking forward to more from you!

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