Sunday, May 6, 2012


He has reached the peak of his career in Bollywood and has delivered his best over and over, especially in the past few years. Now where to go from here?

Aamir Khan has taken the perfect step with his latest TV Show Satyamev Jayate.

I was more interested in watching the show because of what its title suggested than the reason that it is has been produced and anchored by the man himself.

 The show began and Aamir Khan went ahead and immediately introduced the women on the show one by one and got on with the programme. The onus was clearly on the guests and not on the anchor.

What I liked best was the way Aamir handled the subject. This was about female foeticide – real life cases, the problems that pregnant women face all over the country. He brought proof on the show as to how it is not just the lower class and uneducated who are party to this. There was this lady doctor from Delhi who had had some terrible experiences when she became pregnant with twin girls.

The stories were revealed in such a way that it brought tears to not just the audience on TV but all of us at home who were watching the programme. Aamir Khan was in tears many times too. Yeah, it’s easy to point out that he is an actor and so could probably cry at will. Only if you watched the show you will know the tears for being genuine.

Another thing I liked very much was the way the programme ended. Aamir Khan brought out the fact that a district in Punjab – Nawanshahr – has completely eradicated the problem. Through interviews and videos, it was shown very clearly how this could be made possible throughout India. HOPE! That’s the need of the hour.

You need guts to face TRUTH! This show is not for the weak-minded, but the lion-hearted.

Click here to watch Episode 1 that was aired today.

Satyamev Jayate is aired on Sundays from 11 am to 12.30 pm on Star Plus


  1. It shows how illiterates we are. even our so call government is not taking any action on such kind of crime. This kind of people should hang till death, but it wont solve the problem, for this we should take a positive action on our own we should avoid this kind of people who are involved in this kind of crime. I m with Aamir

  2. Amir is a great ICON for me personally. He does complete justice to the "subject" whatever he deals.He is not afraid to bring out the TRUTH and he does it in a very HUMANE way. The best aspect of his is that he leaves it to the viewers as to what they should do, after watching such conscience shaking subject.These are all the qualities I respect and look for in every such people of this world.Well done Amir!!!!Let there be another AWAKENING amidst this sleeping humanity.
    Frankly speaking I could not see the episode, but you had rightly given a LINK in your BLOG and solved it.Thank you.
    I appreciate your down to earth communication skill. I wish I had some of your skill.Keep it up. All the best.

    1. Hi Shekhar,
      welcome back to my blog reading. :)
      I am glad the video was of help and I agree with you absolutely about Aamir and Awakening

  3. I got to watch the 2nd episode after I heard so much about it from you. It affected me for more than 2 days! Aamir really does a great job!

    1. Actually, I have not watched the show after the first episode. It's quite heavy going and Venkat simply refuses to see it on a Sunday morning. So, we just don't see the programme. Aamir has done a super job!

  4. Was glad to see a sincere blog written about the show with so many ready to make fun of the anchor just b'coz he cried on tv...M very happy that there are a few who appreciate and support such a (non-TRP oriented) show on Indian TV

    1. Thank you Sinmoy for stopping by my blog and posting a comment. :)