Saturday, May 12, 2012


One more mega flop from Yash Raj Films... I am not surprised as the producers appear to be living in the last century

Cast: Parineeti Chopra, Arjun Kapoor
Director: Habib Faisal

We usually see all the movies at Cinemax as it is very close to home. The film was released today and I was happy that Venkat and I got a chance to see it with friends at PVR Cinemas at Phoenix Mills. It looked like that was the highlight of the evening. Read on to find out more.


Even as kids, Zoya (Parineeti Chopra) and Parma (Arjun Kapoor) used to strike sparks. Living in a small town in North India, both belong to families of politicians. While Parma’s grandfather wants to win the elections, Zoya’s father is equally enthusiastic. It’s very common for bullets to fly around at the least provocation. Both Parma and Zoya grow up to become proud and egotistical brats who throw their weight around. One day, in a fit, Zoya slaps Parma. He plans his revenge and marries her in two different ceremonies – one Muslim and one Hindu. He ditches her immediately after making love to her. Not just that, he also has her Hindu wedding pictures sent to the mobiles of her family members – just her pictures. Her ashamed family members are ready to murder Zoya while Parma’s grandfather goes on to win the elections. That’s when Zoya sets out to take revenge. Will Zoya get her vengeance or will Parma change his ways is what the rest of the film is all about.


I usually do at least a small bit of research before going to watch a film. As I knew Parineeti Chopra was the heroine, I did not bother and went ahead to watch the film, much to my regret.

The film has a story that would have done well in the 1970s or maybe even the 80s. I am amazed how film houses refuse to evolve with the changing trends. Today’s Bollywood brings forth films like Vicky Donor, Agent Vinod, Tezz and the like. I wonder what kind of an audience will want to watch this film with such a horrible theme. Even Parineeti Chopra’s debut film Ladies vs Ricky Bahl produced by Yash Raj Films was such a fun watch.

The only thing going for the movie is Parineeti Chopra. She looks beautiful and acts superbly well. She has lost oodles of weight or rather the puppy fat that she had carried in her first film and appears great. A special Kudos! Sadly, I was misled into watching the film because Parineeti was acting in it.

Another person who has done well is Gauhar Khan. She has proved that she can give the Sheilas and Munnis a run for their money while they can never match her acting ability. Yeah, Gauhar Khan can both dance item numbers as well as act. Congratulations!

Arjun Kapoor has a very very long way to go. And he needs to go to an acting school before that. Need I say more?

VERDICT: If you like a lot of violence in a small town setting with an unhappy story thrown in, then maybe you should watch this film. Otherwise, STAY WAY and donate the cash to your favourite charity. That way, you save a lot of headache.

RATING: **Shaky (One whole star belongs to Parineeti Chopra)



  1. The movie must be really bad for your to criticize it so much!

  2. I disagree. It's not the movie that's based in the '70s, it's we folks living in the megacities who think that the whole of India is like our neighbourhood. The situation in UP-Bihar is exactly as depicted in the film. There are petty politicians who have their own gangs with imported arms as well as desi 'ghodas'. They loot and kill in the middle of the day and the police look elsewhere. One serial director-cum-scriptwriter once told me that women living in Maharashtra, especially cities like Mumbai and Pune are lucky. In any place in UP where he belongs, he said that if their daughter/sister doesn't come home before sunset, the family members start shivering 'pata nahin kya aafat aa gayi hogi uspar'. The film certainly struck a chord with the audience because otherwise it wouldn't have collected Rs 48 crores against the producing cost of Rs 14.5 crores. I in fact thought that Arjun Kapoor suddenly abandoning Parineeti after the marriage was the biggest, most stunning twist in the story.

    1. Interesting point of view. Need to think about it. Thanks for the comment Neelesh :)