Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Film Review: ORU KAL ORU KANNADI (ஒரு கல் ஒரு கண்ணாடி)

The first prize goes to Santhanam. His comic timing is just awesome! 

Cast: Udhayanidhi Stalin, Santhanam, Hansika, Saranya
Director: M. Rajesh
Edited by: Vivek Harshan

The earlier day, when we went to see Tezz at Cinemax Sion, I had noticed that this Tamil film was on. I asked my sister Lakshmi whether it would be worth a watch. She told me that it was a comedy and that it had good reviews. That’s when Venkat and I decided to see it.


Saravanan (Udhayanidhi Stalin) receives a cover by courier first thing in the morning. He is shocked to see the contents. It is his girlfriend Meera’s (Hansika) wedding invite to which she has attached a handwritten note insisting that he should not attend the wedding that is to take place at Pondichery. A desperate Saravanan calls up his best friend Partha (Santhanam) and gives him the bad news. Not that Partha is extremely bothered. Saravanan insists that Partha drive him over to the marriage venue immediately so that they could stop the wedding and claim the bride. As they drive from Chennai to Pondichery, the film goes in flashback as to how Saravanan meets Meera; the building up of their relationship and finally the incident that makes Meera change her mind and marry the guy suggested by her father. Watch the film to find out whether Saravanan succeeds in stopping the wedding and getting together with Meera or his dream just goes down the drain.


Udhayanidhi Stalin happens to be the grandson of Karunanidhi, ex-CM of Tamil Nadu. While he has produced some films, this is the first one where he plays the hero. He was quite good portraying the irresponsible guy whose main way of passing time is checking out girls.

Hansika has a glamourous role and she has done well. Her acting skills have definitely improved but the rate at which she is putting on weight, she might find it difficult to find heroine roles.

Saranya plays Saravanan’s mother. While she has a jovial demeanour, she is terribly hurt by her College Professor husband who refuses to talk to her since 20 years as she is not a graduate. The way she swings between humour and pathos is simply amazing. A special Kudos to Saranya for her versatility!

The first prize goes to Santhanam. His comic timing is just awesome! While the dialogues were not so fantastic that one would tend to memorise them, his delivery was superbly timed. I always thought that Santhanam made for a great comedian. I continue to believe that. Congratulations!

The film ran for 2 hours and 40 minutes and could have been edited down to 2 hours. The editing by Vivek Harshan was not at all good. The movie tends to become slow at many points. While the film goes back and forth – which is good – it could have been made tighter in a number of instances.

I have to mention the choreography. It was nothing short of terrible. To begin with, every song – there were four duets – is a slow number. Then there are the dance steps that were so bad that one could not miss them. The choreographer – Dinesh, I think – needs to go learn dancing himself before he is let loose on the filmy community.

VERDICT: I think most of you like comedies. Then this is definitely for you.

 RATING: *** Smart

* Silly
** Shaky
*** Smart
**** Snazzy
***** Super


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