Monday, September 13, 2010

Film Review: Salman Khan's DABANGG

Cast: Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Vinod Khanna, Sonu Sood, Dimple Kapadia, Sonakshi Sinha
Director: Abinav Kashyap 
It was Ganpati Utsav as well as Eid when we went for this film. The theatre was packed and all of us were eager to watch Salman’s latest movie. It has also been released at a time when films have been either low profile or bombing (eg.: We are Family) on a regular basis. That could also have been a reason for the packed theatre. Then again the raving reviews – in Mumbai Mirror, for example, could have been the reason.

The Story: The film opens with the young Chulbul Pandey complaining to his mother (Dimple Kapadia). He is her child by her first husband who had died when Chulbul was barely two years old. Her second husband Pandey (Vinod Khanna) is totally stingy and any expenses he makes are for their son Makki. Chulbul (Salman Khan) grows up with a lot of anger and jealousy for both his stepfather and stepbrother. He adores his mother. While Chulbul becomes a police officer, albeit corrupt, Makki is good for nothing. Chulbul beats up thieves and takes away their loot. While he does use the money for himself, he also helps everyone around him. He jokingly calls himself Robin Hood Pandey.

Makki is in love and as the girl’s father is poor, he steals money from Chulbul to give to the old man so that the stingy Senior Pandey would agree to the wedding. But before things could be taken further, their mother dies and Chulbul is thrown out of his home.

Trouble comes to Chulbul in the form of the evil Cheedi Singh (Sonu Sood) while love blooms for Rajo (Sonakshi Sinha). The rest of the film is all about Chulbul defeating the villain and getting together with the love of his life. Watch the film to see whether his relationship with the other Pandeys gets healed or no.

My Perception: Salman Khan has given a lovely performance. He is his old self in this avatar as Chulbul Pandey and entertains the viewers with his antics. He has lost quite a bit of fat, especially since his debauched look in Wanted. He has done a commendable job – fight sequences, dialogues, song and dance and romance.

Dimple Kapadia was simply amazing, even while her role was not too big. Vinod Khanna and Arbaaz Khan have fulfilled their parts well.

Sonu Sood was excellent in the role of villain. His expressions were just perfect for his role. A special mention has to be made for a couple of scenes – the song sequence by Malaika Arora Khan and the one where he insults Arbaaz Khan.

Newcomer Sonakshi Sinha has done a very good job of her role as Rajo. I was not too impressed with her in the promos. But she is excellent in the film.

Verdict: Most definitely worth a watch, especially if you are a Salman fan.

Rating: ***

* Silly
** Shaky
*** Smart
**** Snazzy
***** Super


  1. Hey this has increased my curiosity. Going to watch it with my entire office paltan.

    Thanks for the review :)

  2. hi mummy,
    i could not agree with you more about salman's performance. i have been telling people that its been long since i've seen a salman movie. he makes a fool of himself in loveboy roles (except for hum aapke hain kaun). But recently he has been taking up roles that he can really deliver. The role required a little bit of pitthukuli and style and he delivered an excellent combination of both. I am once again a fan of salman khan. Eid Mubarak to sallu bhai :))

  3. yeah, i also want to watch the movie, long time since i watched salman movie on big screen! hope to watch it!

  4. I absolutely agree with you and Vinitha on
    Salman Khan making a fool of himself in loveboy roles except in HAHK.