Sunday, September 26, 2010


Shera, the mascot
The Commonwealth Games 2010 are to be conducted in Delhi, India from October 3 to 14, 2010. I think this is something to feel proud about. Anything that is conducted on such a massive scale takes a lot of enterprising, organising, teamwork and of course a lot of money.

I am sure that a lot of efforts have been put into this venture and quite a bit is showing. But our media has taken to bashing the whole scene.

I think corruption is prevalent around the world and not just in our country. Of course, this does not mean that it is an accepted thing. But isn’t there anything positive to say about the CWG scene?

I watched a couple of shows on TV where they showed the kind of arrangements that have been made for accommodation, food, drinking water and disposal of the garbage. I thought that was a tremendous effort and would like to congratulate the organizers for the same.

What I keep seeing on the TV news channels and the newspapers is a lot of bashing being done. What sense does this make?

We all know that TV channels are viewed throughout the world and the internet has made it possible to read news of all top newspapers the moment they are published. If we portray so much of negativity, how do we expect the people around the world to respond? Is it any wonder that film directors like Danny Boyle would make a film like Slumdog Millionaire? People around the world pick up what we portray.

I am not suggesting that we bury all the filth under the carpet and behave as if nothing has happened. But we must consider the effectiveness of the negative promos that the TVs and newspapers bring about.

I am sure the common man does not care much, especially those below the poverty line. It does not matter to him how much money was spent on CWG or how much was swindled by whom. He is finding it so difficult to ensure that he gets two meals a day.

The too rich would not much care either as they can afford to rub shoulders with all those expensive firangis and be a part of the CWG.

That leaves the middle man that forms a huge population of this country. These are the ones that are never sure where they belong. To be a part of it or not to be a part of it. They swing either ways. The news floating around gives them no end of trouble, making them unable to decide whether to support CWG or no.

Something this big is happening right in our own country, why should we not support it? Do we have no responsibilities? Because we have the right to vote, does it mean that we have the weapon to bash up everyone who does the politicking? Can’t we be a mite more supportive? Can’t we take part in the event as if it belongs to all of us as it actually does?

It’s so easy to play the blame game. Just keep pointing fingers and keep complaining. What has it ever achieved in life?

You want to do something about it, go right there and guide the public, help the organizers, do something concrete. JUMP IN THE FRAY! Action speaks a lot more than words, or so the saying goes.
All the public who goes there – how many of us know how to behave decently? We throw garbage or urinate in public. The only thing that stops us is ridicule or the fear of the law. How many of us wait to do all this if no one is watching? All of us are the same and that is how our government is. Why blame a few people for the whole lot of us?

Everyone does just one tiny thing and so they feel they should be excused. “I just spat one little bit. That’s nothing much. But watch that guy, he is urinating” says one person and so it goes on. Blame the others and don’t take responsibility.

I am sure a different set of problems are faced in every country. But they do a lot to promote themselves positively. Only such countries rise to the forefront. Those who keep showing only the negative facets and keep bashing their own people find themselves ashamed of their own and not going anywhere.

Well, now it’s up to every individual how they perceive the Commonwealth Games 2010 as against their own behaviour. Are we going to take ownership or continue to bash up our own event?

Check out this link by NRI Indian for his take on CWG 2010


  1. In the rat race for dishing out some 'breaking news', the electonic media always try to create some news (or should we call it nuisance) out of nothing.
    Our print and electronic media are experts in highlighting 'the negative facets and bashing our own people.' They can stoop to any level for increasing the viewership/readership, even if it is at the cost of the national pride. If we call our politicians are corrupt, what do we call the media?
    Why dont the news channels launch a campaign against spitting in public places and be a part of creating a clean nation? But they are busy with some "more important job".

  2. I agree with you totally. Only the media spoils the country's image totally. Hope the media people come to their senses.

    Btw the newlook of the blog is beautiful!

  3. Very well said Sund! It has become a growing menace for today's media to Mar an event. In their "sudo" pursuit to play a "WATCH DOG ROLE" they seem to be crossing their limits. Many of us feel, that in comparison with other countries, our country is ill-equipped in providing right infrastructure to tap the hidden potentials of our sports person,But today we are faced with ONE MORE naked truth as to howhow our own media has been indirectly marring the morale of our prospective medal winners. How do you expect a demoralized band of sport person to rub shoulder to shoulder with high esteem when our own media is crying hoarse every minute shaming our very NATION. In spite of this, if some one excels, my KUDOS to his will power.

  4. I disagree as Media is palying an important role to make publicity. You can't hide good with bad...When you tell bad, the good will automatically comes to surface..example..our oneness with surya

  5. yaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that true