Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I think everyone in this country loves the elephant-headed God. He looks so adorable and his birthday or Chaturthi is celebrated in a grand fashion all over the country, especially in Mumbai. The festival goes on for 11 days with Ganesh Visarjan happening on the 2nd, 5th, 7th and 11th days after the event. This blog is mainly full of pictures of the Ganpatis at Sion East, where I stay. Do check them all out. I only wish I had the time to go to the other areas to have darshan of Lord Vigneshwara.


Vignaraja is dressed like a King with a beautiful turban on his head. 

Vakratunda is one who guides people into the right paths.

Mayuresh is Ganpati sitting on a peacock. Well, I thought the name suited this one as there are peacock decorations on the sides.

Gajanana means the elephant-headed God!

Devadeva means Lord of the Lords! And we all know that that's who Lord Ganesha is. Have to mention here that this Murti is from Meena Sadan at Sion. My aunt, uncle and cousins used to live here many years ago.

Balachandra is one who wears the moon on his forehead. Usually Lord Shiva is the one who does this. But in this case, as Ganesha is Shiva's eldest born, He is also called by this name.

Gauridanaya means the son of Goddess Parvathi!

Lambodara is the one who has a big belly. I have to mention here that this idol is made from environmental friendly materials only. You can check it out at Prem Sagar at Sion East. It is the same story every year and the Visarjan is on Day 5.

Ekadanta - the one with only one tusk (the literal meaning being ‘tooth’). The legend goes that the Lord had broken the left one to complete writing the Mahabharata that was being dictated by Sage Veda Vyasar.

Well folks, that makes it a total of Nine pictures of my favourite God. Hope you enjoy seeing them as much I enjoyed taking the pictures and posting them on this blog. 


  1. super super Ganapathis, loved all of them! beautifully captured, thank you for giving a glimpse of Ganapathi Utsav in Mumbai!

  2. beautiful post! you outdid my post, the pictures & the content :)

    Keep it up!!!
    Ganapati Bappa Morya! :)

  3. Wow awesome darshan. Just realised your blog page looks like our new window :)))

  4. hai sundari, this is kutti jaiu,

    wonderful collection of whole family really enjoined and had a trip to SION itself.