Saturday, September 11, 2010


Ganpati pooja at home

Wish every one of my readers a Very Happy Vinayaka Chaturthi! The above is the picture of the small Ganpathi Pooja at our home. The one below is of Venkat performing a cute little pooja and a display of the prasadams and fruits presented to Lord Ganesha.

Venkat doing the honours as Sastrigal
This was the most important agenda for the day. While the pooja itself was short and sweet, the lunch was quite heavy and prolonged. It's delicious too. Vinitha helped me prepare the same.

Ganpati pet puja
 I have to tell you what the menu was. 1. Pal Payasam, 2. Cucumber Pachidi, 3. Rasam, 4. Sambar, 5. Yellow Pumpkin Cootu, 6. Vaazhakkai Curry, 7. Sweet & Salt Kozhukkattai, 8. Fried Appalam, 9. Rice & Ghee and 10. Paruppu. There was curd at the end, of course.

Ganpati Pookolam
This is a picture of the Ganpati Kolam made of flowers by my sister Jayu and her husband Karthik. I thought it was too cute for words and had to add it to my blog.


  1. most beautiful blog....
    Ganpati bappa morya !!

  2. Our dear Sundari
    Most affectionate asirvadhams.Glad that you, Venkat & the Kids are continuing & maintaining admirably our Traditons!Including our dear Jayu's
    "Flower Ganesha" is indeed a bonus.
    Raji Chithi & Dorai Thatha

  3. Happy Vinayagar chathurthi to u and to u the spread...

  4. Ganpati Bappa Morya! beautiful. all pics are great especially the flower ganpati.

  5. i think this is one of the best blogs ever written by you.
    And definitely i enjoyed the puja and more so the lunch :)

  6. happy Ganesh Chaturthi! lovely fotos, I liked the ela saapadu and jay's floral ganapathy best. The flowers in front of idols are beautiful!