Thursday, July 22, 2010


This is one of the most popular South Indian restaurants in Matunga. It is right there at the centre of the market. While service is quite fast, chances are that you would find a queue outside on most days. The restaurant opens at 5.30 am with fresh upma, sheera and idlis along with hot sambar and the yummiest coconut chutney.

The ambience is simple with comfortable tables and chairs. Not a place to hang out, it is where one can go to fill one’s tummy to the hilt by spending as less as 50-100 rupees. I had been to this place along with my family last Sunday. We had to wait 20 minutes to get a table.

Plus point 1: The service is always quick and efficient with the waiters keeping an eye out for the needs of customers without crowding them.

Plus point 2: The Mysore sada dosa, masala dosa, upma, pineapple sheera and tomato-onion uthappa that we ordered turned up fast, fresh and delicious. The accompanying sambar and chutney were also very fresh despite it being 9 pm. The special lasoon chutney that they serve with the Mysore dosa was too tasty for words.

Plus point 3: The sweet lassi that we ordered came in small bottles and was fresh.

Plus point 4: They also serve a variety of other snacks such as medhu vada, bhajjis, potato vada, a variety of dosas and more. I would recommend the kadi-vada there. The excellent taste is quite unique to this restaurant.

Plus point 5: You would always be quite happy to see your bill as it feels that is very less for what you have eaten.

Flop show 1: The wash area is between the kitchen and dining area and is always in a state of mess. May be it is difficult to keep it clean, but I wish they would provide tissues so that a trip there may be avoided.

A wonderful experience overall that I would not hesitate to repeat.


  1. Yummy article. Feeling hungry reading this ;). Sure to visit it soon, since it is close to office.

  2. yeah this place i remember going with Venkat one day morning for breakfast of upma and dosa. Very yummy food. thanks for making me recall the food here!

  3. I like your article and photos look so nice too, so I added a link on my website. When I visit India, I will definitely try this place. Cheers!