Sunday, July 25, 2010


Last night it was the Shahid Kapoor-Vidya Balan starrer Kismat Konnection on Zee Cinema. While browsing channels, we landed here as there was nothing more interesting. We (my family) had already watched the film and decided to see it again for want of anything better to do. While criticising Vidya for her dressing sense (more like the lack of it) and her shabby hairstyle, we were enjoying Shahid and Vishal’s antics on screen when advertisements kept interrupting the film.

Fed up, my daughter connected the DVD and we continued to watch the film from were we left off on Zee Cinema. The billiards game was on and that’s why we were hooked. We went on to see the movie completely continuing to compliment Shahid while trashing Vidya Balan. While she is an excellent actor, the woman needs to take a lot more care about her appearance.
'Arre, just look in the bloody mirror before you step in front of the camera!' Anyone looking at her can see that the hair style, make-up and clothes are all wrong. I thought that probably the rats had taken a few bites at her tresses before she began the film – it looked that bad.

Despite the kind of ridiculous concept, we watched the film as very rarely do Vinitha and I give up in the middle of movies as we would rather see it till the end. Shahid was suave, smart and just walked through the film as if it was his birthright. The songs were a pleasure to listen too and we enjoyed Shahid’s dancing. I don’t even want to discuss Vidya’s chaniya choli during her engagement – the constricted top left me breathless, literally. I was holding my chest, feeling the pressure of her clothes on my heart.

Vinitha and I did not stop with Kismat Konnection. We went on to watch Jab We Met.

I have never caught this at the theatres and have always watched it in bits and pieces. Every time I catch the film at home, I see another piece of jigsaw falling in place. In the same way yesterday, I saw the film till the last half an hour was left. I did not want to see Geet’s personality take a dukbhari turn. I preferred to see Kareena’s over-the-top performance as the talkative Geet. The film was a total fun watch with Shahid beginning as a very serious businessman who is heartbroken over the love-of-his-life getting married to someone else. Later, in the company of Geet, Aditya transforms into a cheerful person who can see the lighter side of life.

The dialogues are all extremely well-written and the song and dance was just awesome. Overall, the film is extremely well put together and the two of us really enjoyed catching it on video. Having had our dinner at 9.30pm, it was time for a late night snack and it was Maggi-time at 2am.

An absolutely fun-filled Friday night, thanks to Shahid Kapoor!


  1. Humm that was good for a Friday night...... I dont know about Kismat Konnection (KK)..... but surely Jab We Met is one of my favorite movies..... nicely done, good location, impressive dialogues, and more important both Shahid and Kareen look so nice and complement each other so well in the movie.... I just love Geet's character. I must have watched this movie twice by now and will still watch it if I get a chance.
    whereas, I didnt even tried ever watching KK as both Shahid and Vidya look twins and does not appeal to me for a minute.

  2. seems to have been a great time, wish i was there with you ppl!