Saturday, July 3, 2010


We were going to this restaurant after a few years. It has been extended. But despite that we had to wait a good twenty minutes before we could get a table.

Plus point 1: My son liked his beer. Suppose the restaurant did not have much to do with it.

Plus point 2: My daughter ordered a Cream of Tomato Soup and it was perfect.

Plus point 3: The Shole Kabab (non-veg) was very good, said both Venkat and Vignesh.

Plus point 4: A Hyderabadi Sabzi recommended by the waiter was excellent. The Jeera Rice was yummy and the Hazelnut Ice Cream that we ordered for dessert was delicious.

Flop show 1: The Bloody Mary that Venkat ordered was bad and the mocktail – Pavilion Punch – that I asked for was terribly sweet, even after I got the waiter to rectify it. In the end, I added some water to finish it off.

Flop show 2: The Chinese Veg Platter was good but not even warm when it reached our table - can’t make out how, especially with a continuing crowd of diners. One would expect that a busy kitchen would bring forth fresh and hot food. Bad management!

Flop show 3: The Bhindi Sabzi that we ordered for the main course was very average and the Roomali Rotis were uncooked.

The bill was huge for the food and service offered by this restaurant. Not one of our favourite places to dine any more.


  1. :)Being in Chembur for so many years have never been to Celebrations.Thanks for the review, will think many times now before going there now.

  2. The food is a far cry from the ambiance

  3. dont take me here, i dont wnt to go to chembur atall ;)