Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Jewels of Mumbai is a new section where I will bring to you some unique places of interest in Mumbai that are a must visit for even the locals. This will mostly be a photo feature that will speak for itself.

This one is about this Irani place at King Circle aka Maheshwari Udyan in Matunga. It is called Koolar Restaurant. Koolar is probably more than a century old and maintains an olde worlde charm that is totally appealing. This is one place where time stands still and one can while away the hours gossiping and relaxing over chai or the kickass Irish coffee that they serve.

The restaurant is set on the ground floor, facing King Circle. It has doors in all directions, making it very airy and cool. They serve the typical cuisine of Irani Cafes such as the distinctive Irani Chai, Bun maska, vegetable puff, chicken puff, cakes and the like. Breakfasts here are a joy for eggetarians with egg burji and omelettes being the specialties on offer.

The entrance to the Irani Restaurant with a glass case on one side displaying the many provisions that may also be purchased here.

The seating arrangement with square tables covered in pink and white chequered cloth and wooden chairs.

This is my son Vigneshkumar sitting near a long window with yet another ceiling to floor display case behind him.

Even as the place is quite large by Mumbai standards, one wall is taken up with mirrors, making it appear all the bigger.

The colourful cakes on display in a glass case in the front of Koolar Restaurant.

This clock was behind where the proprietor sits and is definitely an antique. It has Victoria written across its face and probably is from the Victorian era.

This is the outside of the restaurant where both my daughter Vinitha and son Vignesh are sitting.


  1. congrats on your photo blog! keep it up! looking forward to more such photo blogs! this irani cafe reminds me of the one in sion

  2. this poonai trying to catch a cork looks soooo cute!

  3. Its my favourite haunt. it makes the weekend perfect with the sunday morning visit. Especially during the rainy season. its best when you go there for a couple of hours or more, chatting up over chai and breakfast. its also beautiful during the evening when the wind blows into the cafe.

  4. I've always loved the sights and smells of colourful cakes :)

  5. Thanks.
    Must visit this heritage restaurant on my next trip to Mumbai.

  6. I so love this place...it truly represents Mumbai...very refreshing place...besides Irani chai is a must have for all those who love chai...love the maggi u get there!


  7. wow, i have always passed this place & thought someday ill visit it. Reading this review, want to go today itself. wanna join me ? ;)