Wednesday, July 7, 2010


This restaurant serving Delicious Thalis is totally Paisa Vasool!

We had to wait for ten minutes outside for a table as it was a Friday night but it was definitely worth the wait.

Plus point 1: The thali that costs about Eighty rupees was just too good. It consists of Sambar, Rasam, Dal, 2 Vegetables (dry & with gravy), Rotis/Puris, Rice, Fried Papad, Curd and Chaas.

Plus point 2: The food served is Kannada-style with the sambar and rasam having unique flavours that were delicious.

Plus point 3: The vegetables – both dry and the one with gravy – were perfectly cooked, while the curd was just right – not one little bit sour.

Plus point 4: The phulka rotis were obviously made very skilfully as they were cooked just right and yummy. They also serve puris.

Rice was served too, but I could not manage to eat that as it was too much.

Worth every rupee spent!


  1. Maam,I would love to visit this place with my wife. Can you plz describe the exact location of Mahabhoj?

  2. @Advait Thakur
    It is on the same line as Matunga Station. You get out of the station into the market and while walking towards Ruia College, you will find it on the right side. It is a small restaurant and is closed on Wednesdays. If you click on the blog title link, it will lead you to the address and phone number of Mahabhoj.

  3. delicious thali meals at 80/- in Bombay? cant believe it.are you taking me there when i come to bombay?