Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sharing: GOODBYE 2009!

Sigh (A happy one indeed)! The year 2009 has finally come to an end. And it was a wonderful year full of a lot of learning, activities, new things, happiness, achievements…… for all of us.

I would like to thank AMMA BHAGAVAN for all those wonderful things that happened to me and my family during this year.

1. January brought me this job with when I had been sitting at home after being retrenched from While the whole world was screaming about economic crisis, I landed this job with an excellent pay hike. Thank you AB!
2. All the four of us in our family took Bhagavan’s Skype Darshan on April 5 and talked to Him personally with individual requests. What a darshan it was! Thank you Bhagavan!
3. Our house was renovated completely with internal wiring done, special lighting in the drawing room and painted in the colours of the rainbow. It looks gorgeous now. Thank you Amma!
4. Venkat’s heart disease was found and set right in a jiffy all thanks to Asian Heart Institute and Dr. Nilesh Gautam. And he is perfectly alright now. Thank you Bhagavan!
5. Viggy’s band Orion was featured in the entertainment section of Hindustan Times along with their picture. Thank you Amma Bhagavan!
6. Vinny joined her MBA at Jamnalal Bajaj Institute and is loving her classes and doing very well in them. Thank you Amma!
7. We bought an electronic notebook for Vinny for her birthday. Thank you Bhagavan!
8. I started my own blog Flaming Sun under the guidance of Amma. Thank you Amma!
9. We had the vaastu of our residence checked out by Dr. Snehal Deshpande and made the requisite corrections. We have found a number of positive changes occurring in our lives after this, all thanks to her. Thank you Bhagavan!
10. Another super-duper occurrence this year was the purchase of our car, the cute red Wagon R. It’s just gorgeous and too convenient. Thank you Amma!
11. We all four of us went to Goa for a few days for our Silver Wedding Anniversary on September 13. It was a super trip organised by Vinny and Viggy. Thank you Amma Bhagavan!
12. Viggy went to Goa and later to Bangalore to take part in major music band competitions. Thank you Bhagavan!
13. Vinny managed to resign her job at Radio Mirchi and completed her notice period and went on leave for studying for her MBA 1st semester exams. She was extremely worried about how to juggle everything. The notice period, the exams and joining the new job. Bhagavan, as usual, set everything in perfect order in a DIVINE JIGSAW. Thank you Amma!
14. Vinny joined MDACS (Maharashtra District AIDS Control Society) as a Joint Director on November 18. She is probably one of the youngest to hold this post. This was one of the wishes she had made to Bhagavan during the Skype D. He has already made the wish true. Thank you Bhagavan.
15. I could attend the Arogya Deeksha at the Oneness University at Nemam and had such wonderful experiences. Thank you Amma Bhagavan!
16. It was a dream-come-true when I could take both my parents very comfortably for a darshan to the Oneness Temple and the best part was the newly organised darshan of Sri Bhagavan on screen. We are absolutely blessed indeed. Thank you Bhagavan!
17. Viggy and his band had a live performance at Not Just Jazz By The Bay on December 2 and it was received extremely well by the audience. Thank you Amma!
18. Viggy’s band Orion had another performance at Inorbit Mall in Vashi on December 18 and captivated the audience. The show was supposed to have been on for an hour and a half but went on for an extra hour due to public demand. Thank you Bhagavan!
19. Venkat and I went to Oneness Temple for Bhagavan’s LIVE Darshan and talk on December 18. It was an awesome experience. Thank you Amma Bhagavan!
20. Venkat went for the Maha Deeksha Level 1 conducted at Chembur during Christmas. He loved the three-day course and liked the highlight best – Darshan of both Amma & Bhagavan. Thank you Amma!
21. Saved the best for the last. :) My novel 'THE MALHOTRA BRIDE' was published in the month of May and is available for purchase across the internet all around the world. Thank you Amma Bhagavan! Better still, I have received my first cheque from the sales. :D

I have but brought to you a few of the highlights of our lives in 2009. Every moment, every breath, every action, every thought, word and deed was orchestrated by Amma Bhagavan and our lives are beautiful beyond words.

I can only say “Thank you Amma Bhagavan and please continue to run our lives on a second-to-second basis”.


And now it is time to say Goodbye to the wonderful year that was and get set to welcome the New Year 2010 with open arms.


  1. Sun great to read all the positive happenings.
    Now i am inspired to jote down the great happenings during this year.

  2. hey, nice post when the year is ending. leaves you feeling all positive and glowing. wish your entire family an even more fulfilling 2010.

  3. That was a beautiful listing of things happened in 2009! Thank you Amma Bhagawan Hope to have even better news in the coming year right from 01 Jan 2010!

  4. Wow this is cool indeed....
    it actually leaves you so happy and looking forward to the year ahead.

    Better still for me: i'll take the short cut.
    Thank you Amma Bhagwan for all those things you've given me this year (refer to blog by mummy) :) also thank you for one other thing.. hehe. im sure you understood mummy

  5. hope each n every sec of 2010 is also taken care by AMMA BHAGWAN..

  6. Gratitude for waht we have and what we want is essential in life.... i hope everyone understands that and life would be without any hurdles... really nice blog... tc.