Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Bhagavan had invited a little more than 2,000 people from Maharashtra for a class at the Oneness Temple on Friday, December 18, 2009. My husband Venkat and I were a couple of the lucky ones that were chosen.

We reached the Oneness Temple by 7.30 am in the morning. There was absolutely no trouble reaching the temple that is situated at Sathyavedu in Andhra Pradesh – all thanks to Bhagavan – despite the turmoil that was burning in the Telugu state. We walked around the premises waiting for the class to begin.

The call came to assemble in the ground floor hall of the temple at 10.30 am. We walked inside while being watched by curious monkeys that were hanging around – literally – on the marble carvings and pillars. We all settled down in front of a huge screen and waited with bated breath for Bhagavan to appear.

11.30 am and He was there on the huge screen, blessing us and smiling at the uproarious welcome that greeted him. After a couple of bhajans, Bhagavan began his talk.

I have done my best to bring to you everything that Sri Bhagavan shared with us on this auspicious day.

Bhagavan spoke to us about Mukti. Mukti is described as a state of no desires, no problems and one of a Sanyasi. In today’s world, as we approach 2012, the state of Sanyasi is not required to attain Mukti and a Grahastha (family man or woman) can very well attain Mukti. ‘No desires’ does not mean that we have to give up or squash our desires but that all of them will be granted before we attain Mukti. All our problems related to health, wealth and relationships will be resorted before attaining Mukti.

Bhagavan plans to concentrate on granting our desires and solving our problems and He promises to resolve both within six months. Most of us have been attending the many courses at Oneness University and have had many dreams fulfilled and problems sorted out due to the teachings there. But there are still many things that need taking care of. What Bhagavan says is that all along we have been listening to teachings. Now the time has come to learn everything as an experience.

He gave the example of a Westerner who had attended the 21-day course at Oneness University. Let’s call him Tom. He had tremendous pain on his left shoulder and the left side of his chest. It could not be cured despite meeting several doctors and undergoing many medical examinations. To begin with, Tom underwent an experience that he had had when he had been about five years of age. He had been playing at the beach along with his friends building sand-castles. While they were all digging in, young Tom fell inside and the others jumped over him without realising that he was buried under the sand. Luckily for Tom, an adult passing by saw what was happening and saved him from sure death. This had caused a lot of pain on his left shoulder and chest. Usually, when a person undergoes a past experience, the charge disappears and the pain immediately goes away. But not so in Tom’s case! In the next class, he was taken even further back in time, into his mother’s womb. There, Tom could feel his mother’s pelvic bone pressing against the baby Tom’s left side. The pain never left even at this point and he had to wait for the next class. Then, he was taken into a past life experience four hundred years back. Tom had been a soldier in the cavalry in that incarnation. The horse he was riding jumped suddenly and Tom fell off. He was crushed by other running horses, jumped over his left shoulder and chest and had died because of these injuries. The pain immediately left the present day Tom. The charge of the experience four hundred years back had returned to haunt Tom in his mother’s womb, later at the age of five and till the present day.

Bhagavan spoke about how life is related to the way a baby is born, whether naturally or by Caesarean, about the reactions of people who are gathered around the baby at that point, the mother’s response and more. These have lasting effects on the person you turn out to be and this can be either positive or negative. It is the negative that blocks success and wealth, breaks up relationships or spoils one’s health.

Bhagavan plans to remove these negative charges in his classes by giving us many experiences from childhood, at birth, in the womb and past lives.

The next important thing that will be done is to remove the fear of death. For this, all participants will be taken to the other lokas to meet their ancestors and friends who have passed away. Meeting them will make us realise that they are all very much with us. Death is but going from one state to another and is supposed to be a wonderful experience.

Then we will receive experiences with Lord Shiva and Maa Kali where the ego will be removed and we begin to feel Oneness. Bhagavan also promised us a trip into the other lokas such as Vaikuntam to meet Lord Vishnu, etc. All these experiences will be for Hindus. A Christian or Muslim or those belonging to other religions will have varying experiences that they can relate to. And of course, each individual’s experience will be his own, different from the others.

Then we will be given experiences of Oneness with the other human beings on earth, Oneness with all other living things such as animals, insects, etc and lastly with plants and trees. Bhagavan says that all along we have only heard of these but in the following classes will experience these.

Then Bhagavan explained about the relevance of the year 2012. He says that it is important for three reasons.

1. One era is marked from the time when the Kurukshetra War began in the Mahabharata. 2012 is the culmination of 5,300 years since then and marks the end of the feeling of division and the beginning of Oneness.
2. It is also the end of the cycle of 24,000 years of Sathya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga and Kali Yuga.
3. This one is totally fascinating! 2012 is the mid-point in the lifespan of the Universe. The Universe began as a small dot 37 thousand billion years ago. It has been evolving since then with the creation of galaxies, the Sun, the Earth, the Moon, etc. Life appeared way later and Man even later. Today, at the mid-point in the lifespan of the Universe, Man will evolve as a Mukta (enlightened one) in the year 2012. Imagine what kind of a progress the Universe will face over the coming 37 thousand billion years when the beginning point will be Mukti of Man. The mind boggles! A small dot to Mukti of Man to what….? Absolutely enthralling.

As Bhagavan says, there is no end to Mukti. You keep growing in your consciousness level even after death.

How will Bhagavan conduct these classes for 64,000 chosen ones from around the world?

Most of the classes will be conducted locally, where the person is living. Bhagavan will be conducting the class Himself through Skype Darshan and not through Acharyajis or Dasajis. There may be a few classes conducted at the Oneness Temple.

By the end of 2011, Bhagavan plans to get his force of 64,000 ready with 108 types of Muktis and make them fit to increase the consciousness of the world population by the year 2012.

Then Bhagavan and his family plan to retire by 2014 when the whole world is transformed to Oneness.


  1. You have xplained very beautifully what LORD spoke..

  2. SUNDARIJI namaste here is sunil from pune u have put on nice thing but is too lenthy ps try to be specific so one can understand easily. thanks vishing u happy life

  3. Hi Sundari,

    Wonderful experience shared. Don't matter the length; because I could flow with the flow.

    Thanks and Blessings to you and your family.


  4. Hi Sundariji

    What a wonderfull experience you had and shared with us.Our Sri Bhagavan's vision is to be fullfilled in year 2012.We all be with him

    My wife Inpaji and I wish you a happy new year.


  5. hai sundari,
    This is shekar from ahmedabad. a very good effort for those like me who were unfortunate not able to go for Darshan.
    However, Lord is compassionate enough for having granted me another date in Jan 10.
    Lords plans are splendid and truely revealing.
    I will be going through it completely once again to ascimilate truely what Lord wants to convey to us.

    These inputs are all like dreams. We cannot call such things as dreams too, since we cannot even dream so.

    Thanks amma and bhagwan and thanks SUND for your prompt effort.


  6. Hi Sundariji,
    This is Anil Raj from Al Ain,United Arab Emirates one of friend Mr. Unniji forwarded the link to me .It’s so amazing experience, which you wonderfully explained to others like Bagavan. I am so happy and thanks to you & Unniji.
    Wish you happy New Year from Myself & My Wife (Mrs. Indu)

  7. Still confused !!!!!
    need to know more n moreso experience it all ONE DAY! GOD BLESS US All.

    Thanks a ton! Keep the Good effort going.

  8. i want! i want! i want all the experiences of past janam, different lokas and what not!
    relevance of 2012 is explained beautifully. thank you, love lak

  9. Insightful Sundari - Dipu

  10. kaanch said, AMMA BHAGVAN,i believe , aap mujhe zaroor jaldi darshan deinge..... i love u i have to come to u.

  11. I read this only now. I also attended this class in GC. I would definitely say you have written everything well in good detail and very nicely. It is not at all lengthy. Keep it up.