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The Oneness University offers a health course that is conducted in many local languages and also in English. I attended the six-day course in Hindi at Nemam on the outskirts of Chennai from November 23-28, 2009. All I can say is that I am blessed that I could take part in this course.

Oneness is to bring synchrony to the Body, Mind and Spirit

Purpose of this Arogya Deeksha:

1. A shift from a state of disease to a state of well-being by healing at the Physical, Psychological and Spiritual levels.
2. A strong body to cope with the changes that are inevitable in the face of transition – as strong as steel.
3. A shift from dependence on medicine to alternate form of healing. The body has its own self-healing system. But we take medicines to offset negative effects of atmosphere, quality of food, etc. This has blocked the self-healing ability of body. The course helps awaken self-healing.
4. Prepare the body for Mukti – increase in the Level of Consciousness.

We all automatically assume that well-being is all about physical fitness. Over these six days we got to know that physical health is but 10% of the total health of a person. The Holistic Healing Programme talks about healing at as many as eight levels:

1. Physical Dimension: This is all about pure physical health that can be maintained by deep-breathing techniques, intake of large quantities of water, eating the right kind of foods and regular walk and exercise. We were also taught about the different medical systems such as Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani and Chinese. We were also taught how constipation causes 90% of physical sicknesses.

2. Emotional Dimension: This is about the impact of negative emotions on our systems. This is the major cause of all illnesses. The course deals with different emotions and situations that affect different parts of our body. I am citing a couple of examples here. There are many more that you can gain from awareness at this level.
(a) If you keep controlling yourself every time you want to say something either because you can’t or because you won’t, you tend to have a pain in the neck. Continuous neck-sprains are generally caused by this problem. Awareness of holding one’s words back breaks this and the pain disappears. Believe me, this happened to me in a matter of seconds.
(b) Self-criticism leads to chronic skin problems. My son’s skin problem that had dogged him over years – no treatment had worked – disappeared within 24 hours when he became aware of this.

3. Vocational Dimension: Job satisfaction is very important to maintaining good health. If you are bored or unhappy with your job, it tends to cause illness. One way of breaking the monotony is the Oneness Dance Therapy (ODT) that was taught here. If you dance your way through your day, it tends to make life more interesting and so your job. Then there are those types of work that put pressure on some parts of the body. A teacher is pressured on her vocal chords as she talks a lot. Preventive Yoga is taught to help these conditions.

4. Nutritional Dimension: The right kind of food intake, the balance of nutrients, etc. are dealt with here. It also talks about the Acid-Alkaline content that needs to be kept at balance in our bodies.

5. Mental Dimension: Maintaining a good mental health regime, using both sides of the brain and how to do it were taught in this. We were also made to learn how the mind chatters non-stop using up all our energy and creating illness and of course, the cure for this was shown.

6. Philosophical Dimension: Whether we are believers or non-believers, old or young, we all follow some philosophy or belief in our lives. It talks about how these blind beliefs affect our lives and our bodies.

7. Spiritual Dimension: This teaches all about how one should always live in a state of Joy and also how to make it happen.

8. Karmic Dimension: The course finally deals with this section that is about the accumulation of karmas (the result of good/bad thoughts, words and deeds from a lifetime and more) and how to get rid of diseases caused by this.

Nine faithful Doctors one must have in one’s life:

1. Dr. Sunshine – Walk outside in a garden or on the road between 6-7.30 am or 4.30-6 pm for about 15 minutes.

2. Dr. Fresh Air – Inhale more fresh air by deep-breathing and brisk walking for half an hour every day.

3. Dr. Pure Water – 10-15 glasses of water to be consumed per day.

4. Dr. Healthy Food – Avoid coloured food, excess salt and sugar.

5. Dr. Exercise – Brisk-walk, Yoga, Pranayama, Oneness Exercise.

6. Dr. Rest – Quality sleep for 6 hours is a must. Change of routine by doing something creative or playing an indoor or outdoor game helps a lot towards this.

7. Dr. Posture – Correct posture is very important. Don’t cross your legs. It affects the organs in one’s lower abdomen and also the muscles in your legs.

8. Dr. Healthy Mind – Constructive emotions lead to good health.

9. Dr. Fasting – Give the digestive system a holiday. Do a 12-hour fast once in 15 or 30 days while drinking lemon water or wheat grass juice during that time. Break the fast with a light soup and salad.

The Divine Quotient: Most of what has been mentioned here may be learned by one from outside sources. But what is special about attending the course at the Oneness University are the Deekshas - transfer of divine energy that is offered to everyone. These cleanse a person at all eight levels, making the transit into a healthy lifestyle totally possible.

I have brought to you but a few highlights of what I learnt during the programme. It is a must to attend this one as it brings about a total healing of one’s Body, Mind and Soul.


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