Monday, December 14, 2009


On my visit to Chennai in November, I was very keen to take my parents to visit the Oneness Temple in Golden City at Varadaiyapalem. It was also a first-time visit for me. I was kind of disappointed when I heard that is was not possible to take darshan of the Golden Ball.

But it is obvious that Amma Bhagavan wanted to give me way more. Bhagavan was giving a screen darshan for fifteen minutes each Sunday morning and we had planned our visit on November 29, 2009 which was a Sunday.

I have to thank my sister Jayashree and her friend Lakshmi for the loan of her car. It was too convenient. Then it was my sister Lakshmi’s colleague Ramesh who acted chauffer. I have to thank both of them for this.

The best was that both my parents could travel the couple of hours up and then down despite the states of their health and visit the temple of Amma Bhagavan. My mother refused a wheel chair and the use of the lift and walked up the staircase to the third floor level praying throughout for Amma Bhagavan’s blessings.

The temple was a sight to see – a superb structure that is made completely of white marble. The weather was just beautiful, warm and mild. As we climbed up the stairs, we could see the green trees and plants for miles to come from all directions.

We reached the huge pillarless hall and took our seats in front of the video screen awaiting darshan of the Lord. Crowd poured in while everything was so well organised and there was not a murmur of disturbance. There were people from all over India and abroad who had come to take the darshan of Sri Bhagavan. There must have been at least 3,000 people in the hall.

And then He was there on the screen! We were just so lucky to have Bhagavan’s darshan peacefully for about 15 minutes while He blessed us and blew us a kiss too! THANK YOU BHAGAVAN!

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  1. what a beautiful temple! only AB managed the show of taking appa & amma there!