Thursday, July 16, 2009

Recipe: RAVA DOSA (தோசை)

I know these are the times of ready made mixes from many brands. But you can't beat the taste of freshly made batter at home. For those who are interested, here is the recipe for making crispy, golden RAVA DOSAS right from scratch.


Rava – 2 cups
Rice flour – 1 cup
Maida – 1 cup
Curd – 1 cup
Onions – 2 (chopped)
Green chillies – 4 (chopped finely)
Curry leaves – a few
Rai – 1 tsp
Jeera – 1 tsp
Oil – as required
Salt – to taste

Method: Beat the curd smooth and mix it to the rava, rice flour and maida in a large bowl. Add salt and water and make a smooth paste in the consistency of batter made for dosa. Keep it aside for a couple of hours. Later, you may add a little more water as the paste may have thickened. Take a sauce pan and heat two tsp of oil. Add rai and let it crackle and then add jeera, chopped chillies and curry leaves. Add the chopped onions and fry till golden brown. Add it to the dosa mixture. Mix thoroughly. Now your dosa mix is ready for making yummy rava dosas.
Take an iron skillet and heat it. (I find it very uncomfortable to use non-stick for making rava dosas as they turn out quite lumpy. Try it out if you don’t have a choice). Add a few drops of oil and spread it over the skillet. When the skillet is quite hot, make a dosa with the mixture by dropping it on the tawa in a kind of concentric circle from the outside to the inside. Allow it to spread by itself. You cannot spread the mixture with the spoon as you would a regular dosa. Lower the flame and let it cook for half a minute before turning it to the other side. Once that is done, serve on a plate and enjoy the hot dosa with coconut chutney, sambar or milagaai podi or just the plain dosa.


  1. I didnt check out this recipe earlier. it is great, didnt know that you hv to add so much of curd to it. thku

  2. let me try and tell u
    hav a look my blog is

  3. which rice to be used?

    1. Usually the readymade rice flour that's available. If you are making freshly ground flour, then use plain rice (not the boiled one)