Thursday, July 2, 2009


Three to four glasses of lemon and hot/warm water would work wonders in anyone’s system. Take a tall glass of warm to hot water and squeeze half a lemon into it and drink it up three to four times in a day.
You can begin with one glass first thing in the morning – you can forget constipation if you ever had the problem in just a couple of days. There are absolutely no restrictions as to what to drink or eat during the day. Just continue taking a few more glasses of hot lemon water and see the difference it can bring to you.
Your digestive system begins to work perfectly. Your metabolism will improve tremendously. Your skin begins to glow after a few days.
Any type of food that you eat – carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, etc – the excess is always stored as fat in your system. The hormone that keeps this in check is LEPTIN. We are all aware of INSULLIN that keeps track of the sugar in our system. But very few of us know about LEPTIN.
This hormone’s job is to keep track of the food (mainly fat) balance in our body. If it is functioning correctly, the moment we consume the right amount of food, the message will reach our brain and we will stop eating. But this is very rarely the case. Many of us tend to eat more than what our body needs. And thus the excess fat.
The combination of lemon and warm water breaks up the almost dissoluble fat molecules in our body and uses them up for energy. The result is that we tend to eat less or rather we go on to eat only what the body needs and no more.
While doing this, this wonder drink also breaks up our daily fat consumption and chucks it out of our system – at least the excess that the body does not need.
The most important thing to this is – there are no harmful side effects.
Remember: no sugar, no salt and no honey – just lemon and hot/warm water.


  1. i read all the blogs

    i think this is soooooooooooooo interesting
    want to do this tooo
    but time? that's the prob

    but i'l keep reading ur blogs

    mwah. love u

  2. wow! i didnt know about this wonder drink! i will try it and get back to you :)

  3. Interesting therapy. pls do let me know when I can have my coffee after the lemon water in the morning. 30 min gap is okay?

  4. this was very informative !! liked reading ur short story aswel!! :) best wishes...

  5. Hey, interesting post. My Dad has this mix first thing in the morning everyday. Didn't know how it helps though. Now I do. :)

  6. hi !! why one should not add honey ?