Friday, July 17, 2009

Film Review: RATATOUILLE (pronounced rat-ta-tooee)

I know the film is two years old and the review kind of comes quite late. But I got a chance to watch it again at home on our DVD player and could not resist writing a review.

Remy is not like adorable li’l Jerry, the mouse from MGM (Disney was a mistake, silly ole me)that we are so used to watching. In fact, Remy is the furry creature that he is meant to be – a mite revolting and the kind one does not want at home, let alone one’s kitchen.
But then the little fellow is quite stylish, would never scrounge for food nor thieve. He is in fact, quite a connoisseur of food, and creative to boot. It’s so cute to find him walking on two feet, and he says he would want to keep his front feet clean to help him work with food. Rat and cleanliness, a very imaginative combination, one would think.
When a colony of rats move residence, Remy gets separated from his family, but luckily for him, he lands in Paris, the Foodies Mecca. Guided by the spirit of Chef Gusteau, he reaches the restaurant that used to belong to the great culinary expert.
The film then goes on to show how Remy guides young Linguini, the bastard of Chef Gusteau – who, incidentally, does not know the ABC of cooking – to create incredible cuisine that makes the customers return to the restaurant again and again.
The film is very well made and the animation is a great watch with a couple of villains thrown in for good measure. It goes to show how if one is determined enough one can achieve just about anything.

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  1. Hi Mom,

    the mouse is not from disney.. its from MGM. remember the lion growling