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Chakras are energy centres in our body. As the word suggests, these are shaped like wheels. Each chakra’s condition influences a said set of body parts, both internal and external. I am giving you the example of one such. The heart chakra takes care of the heart and blood circulation. It keeps the arteries and veins in great condition and ensures the proper flow of blood in our system. It ensures that the red corpuscles, white corpuscles and plasma are in great condition and ensures that the blood pressure is kept steady. It also regularises the building of new cells throughout the body. I personally had a big problem with High BP and doing the Chakra Dhyan every day continuously for three months helped set it right. Now, I have no need to take tablets when I do the meditation on a regular basis. Do understand here that there are no short cuts to this. The whole meditation takes barely 15 minutes of your time each day.
The colours of the chakras are the same as those in a rainbow - VIBGYOR. All colours in nature converge to become white or gold, while white diversifies to form the colours of the rainbow. The chakras have individual colours and each one is supposed to rotate at a certain speed. When this speed is sluggish, it is because they are not in order. Once all the chakras are set right through regular meditation, one can see their colours changing to white or gold. It is very much possible to visualise this.

The Chakras, their colours and positions:

1. Mooladhara is red in colour and positioned at the very base of our trunk – at the anus. This is the root chakra and is the root of our energies. The mantra is Lang.
2. Swadhishtana is orange in colour and is at the end of the spinal cord – cochlea or the tailbone to be exact. When you call out to this chakra, the energy or Kundalini rises up from Mooladhara to Swadhishtana. The mantra is Vang.
3. Manipoora is yellow in colour and is on a level with the navel. Understand here that the chakras are all aligned along the spinal cord at the same level as the parts of the body mentioned. The mantra is Rung.
4. Anahatha is green in colour and is known at the heart chakra. Meditating on this chakra improves the condition of the heart and the circulatory system. The mantra is Yang.
5. Vishuddhi is blue in colour and is on level with the throat, behind the Adam’s apple. The mantra is Hung.
6. Aajneya is Indigo in colour and set in between the eyebrows. The mantra is Aavom.
7. Sahasrahara is the most important chakra and is at the top of the head in the middle, connected to the spinal cord where it ends in the neck. It is violet in colour. The mantra is Oham satyam om.

How to do the Chakra meditation?

Sit in a comfortable posture with your legs crossed and back straight either on a mat on the floor or on a firm bed. If you cannot sit down, you can sit on a straight-backed chair and cross your legs at the ankles. This is to lock the energy that you create while doing this meditation. As you know, energy flows from higher levels to lower levels. The chances are that it will drain out of your system as you create it. The best way to prevent this is to lock your limbs, either at the shin level (when you sit on the floor) or at ankle level when you sit on a chair. Keep your hands, palms up at your bent knees and fold the tips of your thumbs and forefingers of both hands. Take a few deep breaths very slowly and rhythmically.
Now start the Chakra Dhyan.Visualise the first chakra and call out to it aloud. (Why loudly? The sound vibrations set your immune system in place). Om Mooladhara! Then take one deep breath (without a jerk) and while breathing out say Lang. Do this breathing cycle seven times uttering the mantra each time.
At the end of it utter three times: Kundalini Aarohanam! This raises the Kundalini energy from the base of the body.
Visualise the second chakra and continue in the same fashion. So on with the seven chakras.
Audio CDs are available to use along as you do the meditation. In case you find it too confusing, but still want to learn it, leave a message in the comment box along with your email or phone number and I could teach you. :D

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  1. thank you for the details of chakra dhyan. this wll be a ready reckoner as i hope to start doing it one of these days!