Friday, April 5, 2019

A2Z April Challenge 2019: E for Elegant Rhea

Rhea Bansal is my heroine from Rose Garden International. Elegant Rhea is also a whiz at business, running the 5-star hotel in Ooty with √©lan. Hailing from Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra, Rhea falls in love with the hill station in Tamil Nadu and decides to set up her 5-star hotel—Rose Garden International—there.

While Rhea is excellent at business, she’s something like a prickly thorn when it comes to her personal life. She doesn’t let men get too close. And that’s because of the couple of unpleasant experiences she has had before.

And then walks Jamie Scott into Rhea’s hotel and subsequently into her life…

How does Rhea react to Jamie’s appearance in her life? Will she be repelled because of her earlier exposure to horrid men? 

While wary, Rhea doesn’t let it stop her from getting to know Jamie, the man she’s attracted to. And that’s how she isBold!

A brief glimpse into Rhea…

He turned around when he felt her presence and stared unblinking at the sveltely-clad woman who had walked back into the living room in exactly ten minutes as promised. The length of her graceful legs was enhanced by white stilettos. Her chiffon dress of deep red with a swirling white print fell a few inches short of her knees. Her curly hair tumbled down her shoulders all the way to her waist. Jamie lifted her cocktail glass and walked to her, his eyes never leaving her face. 

Rhea’s breath was coming in soft gasps. She had made an effort to dress up after a long, long time; it had been a while since she had felt the urge to. A sizzle went up her arm when her fingers brushed against his as she took her drink from him. “Cheers!” Her voice hoarse, she raised the glass in a toast, touching it to his.

“Cheers!” he echoed her, sitting down after she took a seat. 

Rhea took a sip from her glass, her eyes shut in concentration, more because a sudden bout of shyness had attacked her when she noticed the fire in his green gaze. “Mmm...this is delicious.” She opened her slumberous black gaze to look at him, “Though lethal,” she smiled. “What’s in it?”

He shook his golden head. “I’m not telling. Do you like it? Or would you rather have something else?”

“I love it. Though one is more than enough at a time, I think.”

And Rhea is really good at kicking asses, whether it belongs to a rogue policeman or a lecherous politician. 

You must read this book, the second one in The Bansal Legacy to know more about Elegant Rhea.