Tuesday, April 9, 2019

A2Z April Challenge 2019: H for Hyma Devi, the Rani of Bhatewar

Parents generally shower their love on their kids, sometimes even to the point of smothering them. Many a time, they feel they know way better than their kids only because they are older and wiser. But that need not be true always.

One such mother is Hyma Devi, the Rani of Bhatewar. Her only offspring and daughter, Princess Yashodhara Jadeja, becomes a tarnished princess all thanks to her mother.

While Yashodhara has suffered abuse at someone’s hands, it’s Hyma Devi who tells her daughter that she should never speak about her trauma, not to a living soul. And why is that? All because Hyma Devi believes that it would bring shame on their royal name.

Haven’t we come across such parents in our lives? How they live their lives only for the society? I have based Rani Hyma Devi’s character on such people. While Hyma Devi loves her daughter more than anything else in the world, she makes a terrible error of judgement which causes her daughter endless agony.

Read my book The Marriage Predicament, Book #1 of The Thakore Royals series to know more about Rani Hyma Devi and her daughter. 

And it’s a romance, of course. You will get to know more about the hero, Prince Indrajeet Thakore when I publish the blog for the alphabet ‘I’ tomorrow. 

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