Tuesday, April 16, 2019

A2Z April Challenge 2019: N for Nitin

Nitin is exactly what Simran needs at that point in her life when her self-confidence is completely shattered. Simran has taken refuge in Nitin’s house in Mumbai only because his mother Nandita is Simran’s mother’s best friend.

Simran’s self-esteem has always teetered towards zero, all because of her father who treats her like a pariah because of her dark skin. 

But Nitin doesn’t see anything wrong with Simran at all, much to her astonishment. He’s attracted to her on first sight and is determined to bring her out of her shell. And the best part is that he doesn’t seek solutions in fairness creams. He finds her dusky skin perfect and encourages her to have a makeover that will bring out the inherent beauty in her that she had smothered behind clothes that cover her from neck to feet while her face is smeared with sunscreen 24/7. 

Simran, who has always been told by the man in her life—her father—how unattractive she is because of her dark skin, is amazed that Nitin finds her beautiful despite it. It goes a long way to boost her confidence and she literally flowers under his attention.

And that’s what makes Nitin my hero from Beauty is but Skin Deep, someone who falls for Simran exactly as she is, without conditions.  

A sneak peek into Nitin and Simran…

Nitin looked at her, his brown gaze bold as he studied her minutely. Clad in an off-white churidhar and a kurta of the same shade with chikan embroidery, she looked as cute as a bug. Her figure was perfectly shaped, long slender legs topped by a well-shaped torso. But beyond all that, he was attracted to her deep, dark eyes that mirrored her every thought. First, it had only been pain, then nervousness on confronting a stranger, surprise when she realised who he was and now a combination of wariness and shyness as she became aware of him as a man.

Fascinating! It was like watching a film—the whole gamut of expressions. He checked her out from head to toe and then the other way up, this time slower. Simran caught his coffee brown eyes lingering on some parts of her body and move faster over others more to save her from embarrassment than lack of interest on his part. She felt heat steal over her body as she sensed the blush that began from her toes, spreading over her body and finally hitting her face that seemed to be set aflame.

She bent her head, not sure she wanted him to see her in that state. Nitin moved forward and placing a hand under Simran’s chin, lifted her face to study it.

Simran closed her eyes tight, not able to meet the curious brown gaze. Her heart fluttered like a trapped bird, seeming to want to break away from her chest. Her lips quivered in anticipation of she knew not what as Nitin scrutinised her face thoroughly.

It was as if the movie screen had blacked out with her eyes closed. Her face was still while the windows to her soul were shut, except for her incredibly long eyelashes that fluttered as if she had no control over them. 

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  1. Most of my relatives felt that I Should have been born fair. I never felt so nor did their veiled barbs have any effect on me. There is discrimination in the West on skin colour and race.

    Loved the character of Nitin as he loved simi as she is.


    1. Thank you for stopping by Kalpana. Not just in the west. It happens more in India actually :)