Tuesday, April 2, 2019

A2Z April Challenge 2019: B for Her BOHEMIAN Husband & One More

As per the dictionary, Bohemian is a nonconformist; an unconventional person. 

But to me, somehow the word brings the visual of a person holidaying on the beach. If you have read my Marriages Made in India series, you will know that all the Maheshwari brothers have unconventional careers. And I needed to give the youngest brother Shatrughan, something that topped everything else. That’s when I decided that he would be someone who goes globe-trotting.

Shatru has made travelling his way of life. I know that some of my readers didn’t approve of this. But then, what can I say? He’s a strong character born of my imagination and I will always take his side in an argument. 

Then again, Shatru is anything but irresponsible. No, he doesn’t like being questioned by anyone. But to those he likes, he is ready to explain how he began to travel after working hard and saving all his money. Despite being the son of a rich man, he doesn’t care for the idea of spending his father’s money for his trips. 

And I did a lot of research for this one, on Melbourne, Maldives, bar-tending and more. Research is fun, always, what with Google search and YouTube. They are also the reason why I can write my books so much faster. 

You want to know more about Shatru, his travels and the love of his life, check out Her Bohemian Husband, the sixth and final novel in the series.

…& One More is B for Beauty is but Skin Deep

This is a short read that’s about 10000 words long. It’s about Simran who is dark skinned. That, definitely is not a sin nor does it make her look less beautiful. But then, Simran’s confidence level is zilch all due to her father who shuns her because of her skin colour.

I had to write this story when I read an article about fairness creams and how it’s a major business. More than all that, such creams don’t add to anybody’s skin health. And why do we need those? One is because of peer pressure. And the other is because of these advertisements where even big stars take part, say that being fair is the only way one can look beautiful.

What bullshit!

And I went on to write Beauty is but Skin Deep.

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  1. I absolutely loved read this book and Shatru was too good! I will definitely read Beauty is but Skin Deep. :)

    1. Thank you so much Shalini. I am sure you will love Beauty is but Skin Deep too :D

  2. I have read Her Bohemian Husband and enjoyed reading it!! Loved reading your thought behind this story... pretty cool and awe-inspiring, Sundari!

    Shilpa Garg #AtoZChallenge

  3. The theme for Beauty is but Skin Deep sounds fascinating. Someone needed to write that story, girl! Kudos.

    1. Thank you Dola. Oh yes! That sure needed to be told :D