Friday, June 26, 2015


The nature trail begins
Early morning, we woke up to the background music of flowing water and bird call. There’s a waterfall that’s within the property and one can hear the water flowing 24/7. It’s the most beautiful and refreshing sound that I have ever heard. Though there were a lot of insects – mostly moths – around; luckily for us, there were no mosquitoes.

Viggy and Vinny harassing the guide about a way to jump into the waterfall
After breakfast, we decided to go on the nature trail within the property along with a guide. We walked on a slope with grass on either side, mountain on our right with a valley on the left. There was a gentle waterfall running along in the valley as we walked to the Bamboo Island.

Isn't that lovely!
Trekking skills were required to walk down the steeper slope to reach the island and water. I refused to go while Venkat went with the others up to a point. I walked further to a clearing, clicking photographs. Venkat came back after a point and joined me on a wooden platform that had been built at a height giving a perfect view of gushing water.

Have they convinced him yet?
In the meanwhile, Vinny and Viggy had the time of their lives swimming in the water and trekking in Bamboo Island. They came out after almost an hour and joined us on the wooden platform.

That stone bench sure looks comfy
Vinny had two leeches sticking to her right foot. We had been warned about this and the guide carried salt to drive them away. Leeches hold on strongly to one’s skin and cannot be pulled off. When salt is sprayed on them, they let go and fall off by themselves. Fortunately, they don’t cause any harm.

On their way to Bamboo Island
The guide told us of a health treatment with leeches that is quite popular in Kerala. Leeches tend to suck bad blood from a person I believe. They place a leech against the sick person. It takes about 20 minutes for the leech to suck blood and become bloated. When too heavy, it falls off by itself. It brings about a tremendous change in the person’s energy levels. It sounded great. But I definitely didn’t want to try that kind of a treatment.

I veered away and clicked more pics
While the kids were keen to walk more, Venkat and I decided to get back to the main building. We took a different direction – with sign boards at strategic points and many women walking around cleaning the property, there wasn’t any chance of getting lost – to walk back to our room.

Got on the wooden platform for a better view
But the slope that Venkat walked up was rather slippery. I went halfway and didn’t have the guts to carry on further. I came down and walked back the way we had used before, while Venkat went by the new way. I reached the reception and took a break before going back to the room.

The view couldn't get better
It was truly a walk in nature with blue skies, grey clouds, tea plantation terraces, a variety of trees and gushing water. Simply awesome!

Vinny & Viggy finally got into the waterfalls