Thursday, June 25, 2015


Our rooms on the first floor at the topmost point @ Meenmutty Resorts
We left home at 9.45 am on June 13, 2015 to catch our Indigo flight to Coimbatore at 12 noon. The flight left half an hour late for whatever reason and we finally landed at 2.15 pm. The car that Meenmutty Resorts had arranged for us was already waiting for us.

Inside the room
We left for Wayanad that is 6-7 hours travel by road. While the distance is about 240 km, most of the travel is done on mountain roads via Ooty. That’s why it took so long to reach the place, especially as we stopped on the way a couple of times.

Another section of the room @ Meenmutty Resorts
 The scenery on the way was some of the best that I have seen; with mountains and valleys lush and green due to rains. Though the weather was wet, it only drizzled most of the time. The route goes via Ooty and further towards Kerala.

The view from our balcony
We finally reached Meenmutty Resorts at 10.30 pm through thick mist. We could see barely five feet in front of our car as the driver skilfully traversed the hilly terrain to reach the hotel. We had to drive more than a km after reaching the gates.

View from the reception @ Meenmutty Resorts
The resort is set in a large property of 12 acres, predominantly of tea plantation terraces. There was a bit of coffee plantation, a few jackfruit trees, many flowering plants and a variety of other trees.

Tea plantation that's part of the property
We finally arrived and were taken to our rooms that were set at the topmost point of the property. One room was regular in size and the other was three times as big. Venkat and I were lucky enough to take the larger one. There was a huge balcony – a common space – in front of our rooms. Unable to see much due to the mist, we had a bite of dinner before crashing for the night.

Venkat, Vinny & Viggy on their way down to Bamboo Island
Vinny making coffee in the garden
It was only the next day we got to see Meenmutty Heights. It was truly a jaw-drop moment. Stepping out of our rooms, we could see that we were high up on a mountain with a valley at least a 1000 ft below. Across were more mountains, all surrounded by clouds. In between, we got to see the clearest of blue skies in small slits. Sigh... loved it. The background music of water running down a rocky slope along with bird and insect twitter was the most beautiful sound I have heard. This was on 24/7.

On the way down to the dining room @ Meenmutty Resorts
We had to walk down a gentle slope for 15 minutes to the restaurant. That’s where they served the buffet breakfast every day. It was possible to order all other meals to our rooms. The service was excellent. Young boys use a motorbike to deliver our orders – towels, blankets, coffee, water and more – within 10 minutes of placing the order. Of course, food took a little longer.

It was such fun walking through the clouds
Saajan is your guy there. A hotel management graduate, he’s been in the industry for five years. It was difficult to believe that he had joined Meenmutty Resorts just a couple of months back. He had all information at his fingertips and was completely organised. For almost a day and a half, we were the only guests. Saajan went through the menu with us, checking what we were interested in eating, making suggestions and giving us the best.

Shaji the cook making masala omelette
We stuck predominantly to Kerala fare. They made the softest of Idlis that I have ever had. The yummy Sambar – though also made at our Tamil abode – was quite different with a variety of veggies thrown in. There was Idiyaappam and Veg Stew with a dash of coconut oil that gave it a flavour that I have never tasted – too delicious. They served us a Kerala Mini Meal for one afternoon and Kerala Thali on another day. Both were awesome with non-veg side dishes thrown in for Venkat and Viggy. They served fish, chicken and mutton for different meals.

That's Saajan standing between Venkat & Viggy during breakfast
Dinners mostly consisted of North Indian or Chinese. The Paneer Makhani; Mixed Vegetable; Dal and Phulkas were to die for. Gobi Manchurian and Veg Fried Rice were also yum. Shaji is the cook at Meenmutty Heights. He used to step out of his kitchen during breakfast to make the most delightful Masala Omelette on a huge iron skillet.

Vinny and Viggy ready to swim in the waterfalls
The resort offers an Ayurvedic massage facility. Set in those sylvan surroundings, I expected it to be the best experience there. Alas, it was pretty mediocre.

That's how it was most of the time :D
The brilliant blue swimming pool set deep down a valley appeared like a jewel from the top. Venkat, Vinny and Viggy had a blast there despite the cold, wet weather.

Venkat walking through the clouds @ Meenmutty Resorts
The best experience was walking through clouds. We could see clouds floating down from the skies and passing us by. Walking through them was just amazing.

I found this cute antique cupboard @ the reception
All in all, it was a wonderful trip amidst nature; comfortable rooms; excellent service and delicious food that I didn’t have to cook. I couldn’t ask for more.


  1. Thanks for making us J :( Noted, next trip to Kerala, stop at Meenmutty Heights for a few days. Thank you :)

    1. LOL! You should. I am sure you will love it Nilima :D

  2. Breathtakingly Beautiful. Adding this to my 'Must Visit' List. Thanks for sharing, Sundari. :)

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