Monday, June 8, 2015

Book Review: THE GIRL HE LEFT BEHIND by Shilpa Suraj

I was very thrilled to receive a paperback of The Girl He Left Behind by Shilpa Suraj from the author on her birthday. She sent me a signed copy when I won it as part of a contest on Shilpa Suraj’s birthday.

Having read Shilpa Suraj’s second book Rescued By Love, I so looked forward to this – her first book.


Young Sia is heartbroken when Ryan leaves her suddenly – just when their love begins to blossom. It looks like he has disappeared from his life forever. Six years later, Sia is working as Romantic Fiction Editor at Trends Now; has been married and divorced too. Out of the blue, Ryan comes back into her life, all grown up, handsome and successful. Will the sparks fly yet again? Will ‘The girl he left behind’ accept him?


I loved the main characters – Sia and Ryan. Sia is a determined woman, keen to make a successful life for herself, despite a broken heart and a broken marriage. She’s definitely not going to allow Ryan to trample over her heart all over again. Her character is as real as can be – careless with her keys, changing her car tyre, having nightmares about her ex-husband, and more.

Ryan is your TDH hero that the reader can drool over. He has a horrid past. But despite that, he has made a successful life for himself – stuff dreams are made of. I love him. His anger and frustration at not being able to make Sia see his view point has been written beautifully.

Sia’s friend Minty is adorable and our heart breaks when her fiancĂ© treats her abominably. Adarsh is extremely endearing. Of all the satellite characters, I liked Leena best. Sia’s mother Leena is your typical loving mother who helps heal Ryan. Don’t understand? Read the book to find out more.

The sequences, scenes and dialogues are all written very well and make the book an interesting read. But towards the end, I found the book dragging a bit. And considering that it’s a book published by a famous publishing house, I was surprised at the number of errors.

VERDICT: I will definitely recommend this one by Shilpa Suraj to all romance book lovers.


  1. Great review, Sundari...I love Shilpa's writing style. :)

  2. Seems like an enjoyable romance read! One more book added to my "To-Read" pile! :-D

  3. Can't wait to read it, I've been wanting to for some time now.

  4. Her books are great! Nice review.

  5. This one looks like a great read. You have reviewed it very well. Increases the curiosity level of the reader. Adding it to my TBR. :)