Thursday, May 9, 2013

Film Review: AASHIQUI 2

Aditya Roy Kapoor is Smoking Hot!

Cast: Aditya Roy Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor
Director: Mohit Suri

I had not seen any rave reviews for the film and would probably have not seen it but for my son Vignesh’s band Orion playing in the background along with Aditya Roy Kapoor. Yeah, Vignesh and other band members Anshuman and Ashwin were all part of the song the film begins with. While it is a minuscule on-screen appearance, I could not help but be thrilled with my son’s appearance in a mainstream Bollywood flick.


Rahul Jaykar (Aditya Roy Kapoor) feels lonely at the top and this drives him to alcohol. He has risen high up in the musical ranks too far, too fast. Now he has nothing to look forward to and keeps drowning in beer bottles and whiskey pegs.

Meeting Aarohi Shirke (Shraddha Kapoor) in a sleazy Goa bar brings Rahul a new lease of life. Hearing her sing, he is confident that she has the makings of a star. He cajoles her into going back to Mumbai with him.

Unable to refuse, Aarohi goes back to Mumbai, promising to call him the moment she is able to purchase a SIM card. She is from an extremely poor family and does not even have a cell phone. Rahul has given her his contact number, address and his manager’s cell number.

Just as she calls him from her new number, Rahul is beaten up within an inch of his life by goons for cancelling his shows. He lands up in hospital while Aarohi waits for him in vain. The media has been informed that Rahul has left for London for doing some programmes.

Will Aarohi ever get to meet Rahul again? What about the stardom he promised her? Watch the film to know more.


Aditya Roy Kapoor is Smoking Hot! He is your typical ‘tall, dark, handsome’ hunk. His acting is not too bad either. But there is a lot of room for improvement.

Shraddha Kapoor looks so beautiful and can act too. This is her third film. While I haven’t watched the other two (Teen Patti & Luv Ka The End), it’s obvious that Shakti Kapoor’s daughter can act.

Except for the title, I can’t see any comparison between Aashiqui (Rahul Roy & Anu Agrawal) and Aashiqui 2. Unless one means that both are romances and have excellent songs.

The music and lyrics in Aashiqui 2 are simply mind-blowing. Considering that it’s a musical, it’s a joy to hear good songs with great lyrics set to awesome music. I read on credits that Irshad Kamil is one of the lyricists. I could not catch the other names. Good work guys! We have Mithoon, Jeet Ganguly and Ankit Tiwari to thank for the excellent music. Kudos guys! Keep up the great work.

The dialogues were actually lame – at least most of them. Thank God there weren’t too many.

While I cannot personally relate to Rahul’s cowardly behaviour, the character was absolutely realistic and Aditya has done a good job portraying it. Having said that, I am not too sure how the film will appeal to the masses.

VERDICT: It’s worth a see if you like romances. Take some tissues along as there are a few heartbreaking moments in the film.

RATING: ***Smart


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