Thursday, April 5, 2012

Customer is King: WWW.FLIPKART.COM

I ordered these books from

Well, this is a new venture as you can see. I felt that I have to write about my experiences with a couple of websites that I dealt with in the recent past. brings to mind ‘books’. Actually, you can order a variety of items from this website – books, CDs, electronics, home appliances, etc. They accept online payment with credit cards, cash on delivery or even credit card payment on delivery. One can order everything by phone or place an order online.

Crossword Bookstore used to be my favourite place to purchase books. But, later, I got introduced to by a colleague who casually mentioned how she ordered regularly from them.

I have had two experiences while purchasing books from flipkart. I check out the website to find out whether the books I need are available, pick the phone and call them. Their sales people are totally friendly and extremely helpful.

The first time, I placed an order for two books and was told that they will be delivered within 3-4 days. I was amazed when I received my order in just 16 hours – beautifully packaged, along with a bill and at a terrific discount of 45%. Incredible, isn’t that?

How can they afford the discount? Well, I concluded that they don’t need to spend on overheads such as a showroom for the books and display cases, etc. For whatever reason, this works for me perfectly.

The second time I placed the order, the salesman apologized for their system being down, took my mobile number and promised to call me back in a couple of hours. He called me within the hour. This time I ordered four books with a promise of delivery in 3-4 days’ time. I got two consignments as the books were available at different warehouses, I think. Both deliveries happened within two days.

I like someone who sticks to the schedule promised. Delivery beforehand is simply superb! I am impressed!

I have had a bad experience when my credit card was misused by someone on the internet and hence a mite wary of swiping mine online. As flipkart gives their customers an option of paying cash on delivery, it suits me just perfectly.

Great work, - THUMBS UP ALL THE WAY!


  1. Yes, even I'm extremely happy with Flipkart service. They are adding many categories to their list now, including Art supplies and Perfumes.

    1. Hi Ranjana,
      thanks for stopping by. Yeah, there is a lot of stuff sold there. More than that, the way they treat clients - 'Customer is King' is obviously their motto. Simply love that!

  2. Flipkart is doing good work and changing the dynamics of the online space in India. And most of us are customers - so we have experienced it first hand.