Monday, April 9, 2012

Customer is King: DELL INDIA PVT. LTD

The PC that we ordered from

This is one more grand experience of ordering stuff on the net. This time, I needed to buy a computer. Vignesh and I wanted to purchase a desktop and went to check things out at Chroma and Vijay Sales outlets at Sion. We were not too happy with the choices on offer.

Vignesh spoke with a friend of his and I talked to my nephew Kushal at Chennai. That’s when we decided to check out

On checking out the website, we realized that we could order a computer with different permutations and combinations, just the way we want. Every time we added or deleted a part, we could see the exact cost of that on the website itself.

Finally, we put together (mostly Vignesh) the right combo for a desktop computer that we were keen to buy.

While placing the order, we took the option of a salesman contacting us before confirming the order. I wanted to talk to someone at Dell before going ahead with the payment.

I got a call within a couple of hours and the salesman explained to me how we could go about placing the order. To begin with, he confirmed that we had correctly selected all the options that we wanted. Then, he guided me as to how to go about the payment. Here, they have the option of paying by credit card or transferring money to their account. I was prepared to go with the second option. The salesman told me that the product would be delivered in 8 working days after receiving the payment.

Within the next hour, I got an email with details for the money transfer. The email also confirmed the order on receipt of the payment.

I made the payment on a Monday and sent the electronic transfer details to the salesman. Within a few hours, I got an email confirming our order. It also mentioned that the delivery will happen in 15 days. I got quite irritated and called the salesman about it.

He explained to me that the desktop will be delivered within 8 working days – latest by the next Thursday. They don’t give that in writing as they give themselves that extra bandwidth to cover all contingencies. I was not too impressed but as there was no choice, I decided to wait and watch.

In the meanwhile, Vignesh scouted around at a couple of shops to find out costs. He concluded that we were paying Rs. 4000-5000 less by purchasing directly from This was after VAT and service charges for the engineer. I was too happy to hear that!

Come Monday morning – the 5th working day – I was thrilled to get a call from Blue Dart to say that our computer was being delivered in an hour’s time. I called Dell to inform them about this and requested that they send their engineer to fix the machine.

The engineer gave us an appointment for 10.30 am on Tuesday morning. He arrived early for the appointment at 10 am and fixed up the computer within an hour. Impressive time-keeping! This will never fail.