Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Wall decor at Noodle Bar
My friend Chandra’s daughter Shwe and I went to see a dandiya programme at Kendriya Kreeda Mandal at Lower Parel before joining my daughter Vinitha for dinner at Noodle Bar at Phoenix Mills. This was my first visit to the restaurant. The wall decor was rather cute, I thought.
Vini & Shwe
Plus point 1: Vinitha ordered a Mango Mojito – mango syrup, white rum, soda with lots of ice and garnished with mint leaves – and enjoyed it thoroughly. 
Mango Mojito
Plus point 2: Shwe asked for a Wanton Soup. I am neither too fond of clear soups nor steamed wantons. But Shwe thought it was perfect and totally relished it.
Shwe with her Wanton Soup
Plus point 3: We ordered one portion of Thread Paneer that was fresh, crisp and hot while it tasted absolutely delicious. The portion was quite large too.
Thread Paneer
Plus point 4: The Burnt Chilli Noodles wok that we asked for the main course was simply humongous. Total paisa vasool! Although all three of us hogged and we hogged, we could not finish it. Delightfully yummy!
Burnt Chilli Noodles
Plus point 5: Shwe and I asked for Lemon Iced Teas that were just perfect with not too much ice, just the way we had ordered.
Lemon Iced Tea
Flop show 1: The Crispy Potatoes that we asked for starters were rather disappointing. I have definitely tasted better in other places. They were neither hot nor crisp enough and rather oily. Thumbs down for this one!
Not-so-crisp Crispy Potatoes
I cannot say much about the pricing as Shwe insisted on footing the bill. All in all, it was a good experience that I won’t mind repeating although I don't crave for a second visit.


  1. Oh this is a mouth watering review. I should try it sometime. Thanks for the review.