Thursday, October 14, 2010


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Kathiawadi Chowk
The Kathiawadi Chowk Navratra fair is held on the first day of Navratri every year. This year, Tina and her family were up from 3 am on Friday morning, packing away the Garbas into a tempo to be taken to the fair. The auspicious time to leave home was 5 am and they left right then to reach the market at Malad East.

Neha, Payal & Tina at the Navratra Fair
Their wares were set up on the roadside in a colourful display along with many others. 9 o’clock was when the customers turned up in droves to inspect and buy the Garbas. I reached the venue at about 11 am and was thrilled to see the colour all around me.
Other vendors

Pink, yellow, red Garbas - your choice

More Garbas
Tina and her gang were busy selling their wares throughout the day to eager customers.

Tina selling her best Garba
It's going, going, gone!
One would be surprised to see the area that could pass off for a village but for the busy highway and some tall buildings. It was a combo of urban and rural in typical Mumbai-ishtyle.

Malad East - Village or City?
Well, those were scenes from the cute little village fair at Kathiawadi Chowk. I am glad to mention that while Tina and her family worked hard till 10 pm, they did manage to sell around 330 Garbas that day and she was left with a margin of about 10% unsold during this season.

Right now, Tina does not have any time to stand and stare. She is busy getting the Diyas ready for Diwali! Long live Tina and her family!


  1. oh super. Now know the meaning of Garba apart from playing dandiya :)

    Thanks Sundari for the beautiful posts.

  2. Superb,Sundari!"It was a combo of urban and rural in typical Mumbai-ishtyle" is indeed the correct
    description!Simlarly the situation of "Navarathri
    dolls sellers" from down-south in the Mada Streets of Mylapore, Chennai.Chithi & I feel that Sow Lakshmi, should find time to do their story, in
    D'Thatha & R' Chithi

  3. :) that was a very lovely post on Garba. Only now I appreciate the artist in Tina fully. Pls pass on the message to her!

    @ Thatha & Chitti - maybe next navaratri, hopefully :)

  4. Very nice post with lovely the description

  5. Lovely post & lovely description. Now I understand, how much of hard work goes into making these Garba pots. Thanks once again.

  6. Thank you Sun
    Beautiful blog
    God bless Tina & Family.

  7. excellent you have narrated nicely,with lovely colourful pictures


  8. Sundari,very well written & very interesting to know about the life of the Garbha makers & you have narrated very well narrated by you,you sisters are really talented writers which is in your genes.Thank you for sharing with us.Love,Savithri J Rao.

  9. Even i also felt proud of this garba decoration and family who make this interesting garba .