Thursday, August 19, 2010


Srimurti Deeksha
What is Deeksha?

Touch Deeksha
Deeksha is a transfer of Divine Energy. Anyone who has been trained by a Guru can give Deeksha to oneself and to others. I have received initiation from Amma Bhagavan’s disciples at Oneness University. One can even give Deeksha to pets, the electronic gadgets in one’s home, the environment and just about anything one can think of giving energy to. The Deeksha giver hones into the energy of the Divine or God or Universe as one believes and transfers it to the person who is receiving it. It takes but a few minutes – 3 minutes at the most – to transfer energy to the person who needs it. 

Why give Deeksha?

December 21, 2012 is around the corner and that's the date when the world will move into the Golden Age. Amma and Bhagavan - the avatars of enlightenment - have gifted humanity with this phenomenon to help spread enlightenment among everyone. The idea is to make 70,000 people enlightened by December 2012, by which the whole of the earth's population approximating 7 billion will automatically ascend into 5D. Refer 100th monkey effect to understand this.

Types of Deeksha

Smarana Deeksha
Deeksha can be given through Thought or Smarana Deeksha. The person or object needing to be energised will be thought of and powerful positive intentions are sent to them.

Nayana Deeksha or Deeksha given by looking at someone. The power is drawn from the Divine and given to the person who needs healing and love through the eyes.

Touch Deeksha is by placing the palms of one’s hands together on the receiver’s head and praying for the Divine to heal through touch.

Paduka Deeksha is to place Amma Bhagavan’s padukas on the receiver’s head and pray for healing and love.

Deeksha from the Srimurti of Amma Bhagavan is something anyone can give himself. Just touch the Srimurti with both hands and keep your hands on your head for 3 minutes. A tremendous transformation happens when you do this.

What happens to the person who receives Deeksha?

Paduka Deeksha
Any number of things can happen to the person receiving Deeksha. It can happen instantly or it may take a while depends on the state of the person receiving it. It has nothing to do with whether the person is what society would term ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

1.    Health problems the receiver is ailing from get sorted out miraculously or they find the right treatment for the same.
2.    If the person is having financial problems, they will get sorted out.
3.    If he or she is having a problem is relationship – say with the spouse, parents or children – it will get sorted out.
4.    If the person is desiring for something – such as a job, a own house or a car – they will get what they are seeking or at least find a way to go about it in a simple fashion.
5.    One might find great peace and joy flowing through one after taking Deeksha.
6.    Many miracles have happened and have continued to happen on receiving Deeksha.

What happens physically is that the Deeksha changes the quality of water present in one’s physical body. Water takes up 80% of one’s body. This transformation in the water transforms all the cells in one person’s body. After Deeksha, the receiver literally becomes a new person.

Nayana Deeksha
How does it affect the person who gives Deeksha?

A frequently asked question is whether the person giving Deeksha is adversely affected by doing so often.

Not at all! It’s quite the reverse in fact. The more one gives Deeksha to others, the more the giver benefits.


  1. that was a very beautiful explanation of Deeksha with many kutti facts I did not know like Deeksha changes the quality of water in the body.Thank you!

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