Saturday, August 28, 2010


The Entrance to Bombay Blue @ Fort
I have been to Bombay Blue at Phoenix Mills umpteen times, with my experience deteriorating each time. But I can never forget my first couple of visits. Thus, I decided to give the Fort branch a try this time. The visit was most definitely worth the effort. It was my husband Venkat, daughter Vinitha, son Vignesh and I who went there for dinner.

Plus point 1: We asked for a couple of beers, an orange sunshine soda (my favourite) and a peach iced tea. All perfectly turned out – not too sweet, chilled just right.

Plus point 2: The veg lasagna that Vinitha and I asked for was delicious.

Plus point 3: The garlic cheese toast was too delicious for words and was hot and fresh. The potato wedges that turned up with them were oh so yummy!

Plus point 4: Venkat and Vignesh ordered a hearty meat sizzler. They relished it till the last bite.

Plus point 5: Father and son wanted a little more and that’s when they asked for a non-veg sandwich. It came with a serving of potato wedges. Both were yummy or so the men said. Vinitha and I are pure vegetarians.

Flop show 1: We asked for a mixed platter for starters. Not a very smart choice. Some items were good and the others were just okay.

All in all, a lovely experience. We paid the bill of Rs. 1300 and odd with a sigh of satisfaction before getting out of the place.

Awaiting customers
Veg Lasagna
Non-veg Sandwich
Cheese  Chilli Toast
Venkat & Vignesh tucking into their sizzler
Vinitha guzzling down my orange soda

Yummy Veg Lasagna
Hearty Meat Sizzler

End of a lovely dinner


  1. There's a BB right opposite my house in Andheri. And have enjoyed a few memorable mometns out there. Though I agree the service and tastes are deteriorating little by little.

    One thing I still cant resist though are their Nachos. Only another palce that has come close is Sammy Sosa.

  2. I used to visit this place and your lovely blog (especially the mouthwatering pictures) evoked nostalgic memories.

  3. It was indeed a wonderful experience. I remember, i was really tired after a full day at work and college. But once i was exposed to the ambience and servuce.. it felt good!

  4. Okay! I seriously did not read, just kept staring at the delicious looking food! :/

  5. lovely fotos! vini looking nice drinking your orange soda

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