Monday, August 23, 2010


Only good thing about the place
My friend Anu and her husband Shekhar had come down from Ahmedabad for just a day and we decided to go out for dinner. It was unfortunate that I offered to take them to Only Parathas at Khar.

We reached the place at about 7.30 pm and it was fairly empty. We got a table to ourselves and got down to talking.

Plus point 1: The tomato soup Anu and I ordered was quite good. And Shekhar was happy with the sweet corn soup that he had asked for.

Plus point 2: As none of us were very hungry, we ordered one peas paratha between us and decided to share. The paratha was good, nothing exceptional.

Flop show 1: The two gravies accompanying the paratha were both dark brown/ black in colour. They also tasted not very different from one another. What was the idea, it made me wonder. The accompanying raita was also just okay.

Flop show 2: It was nearing the end of summer and I am crazy about mangoes. And it appeared that so was Shekhar. We both ordered a mango mocktail each and really looked forward to it. Horror of horrors! They served us a terrible drink made out of sweetened canned mango and charged a bomb for the same. I was too upset to even finish the drink. I have never tasted anything so artificial and so sweet. Yuck!

Flop show 3: Anu was very unhappy with the dry fruit milk shake that she had asked for. She found it so thick that drinking through the straw required acrobatic skills.

Flop show 4: The bill for the abovementioned stuff came to a bit over Rs. 900. I agree with fine dine and all that. But it was a sheer waste of good money.


  1. :) You serve your reviews well Sundari :) Love reading them

  2. house of horrors!

    thank you for this candid review..

  3. very very tasty tasty tin tin ta dhin

  4. i hate only parathas. total waste! the curries are so uninspiring...and the drinks! omg stay away from them

  5. the foto is really nice! sad that you had to have a bad dinner with anu and shekar