Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Film Review: Thillalangadi: Kicko… Kick

Cast: Jeyam Ravi, Tamanaah, Shaam, Prabhu, Suhasini, Vadivelu
Director: Raja

The Story: Krishna (Jeyam Ravi) is brilliant in studies as well as in sports. The only child of his parents (Prabhu and Suhasini), Krishna is always looking for adventure. He wants a kick out of everything. He takes up jobs and performs brilliantly only to quit them in a month or two as there is no challenge left in them. Nisha (Tamanaah) gets attracted to him only to realise that she does not like his attitude towards life. She is keen that the man in her life should have a steady career and a more serious outlook towards life. Krishna refuses to change himself for her sake even as he loves her. Nisha gets engaged to ACP Krishna Kumar (Shaam). KK is more interested in catching a thief who is eluding him than in getting married. The rest of the film is all about whether KK catches the thief and who Nisha gets married to.

My Perception: The film is looooong, running into a bit more than three hours. There is not much of a story there to support the length.

While Jeyam Ravi has performed his part well, there is nothing special about it. He is the hero and he has done his job well. One tends to expect a lot more after seeing Santosh Subramaniam, but may be that’s not very fair as his role as Krishna does not demand much of the actor.

Tamanaah looks beautiful, dresses well most of the time and acts alright too.

I know that a Tamil flick needs to have fight sequences and songs, but not definitely to this extreme. There are just too many songs and each one sounds like the other. Not much of a variation with both the hero and heroine dancing the same steps over and over again. Can be quite wearing on the audience! The lengthy fight sequences were equally bad and there are a couple of car chases thrown in as well.

The story could have been told neatly in two hours or less. The director should understand that the audience are changing and adapt himself to the times. One just loses patience sitting through all the gymnastics that deviate from the storyline and makes one lose a grip on what is actually happening.

Vadivelu’s act is not much different from usual. It raises a few laughs but nothing you want to talk about later.

The worst was the opening shot. Maybe that should have told us something about the film. The camera focuses for a good five minutes on Tamanaah doing yoga – on just her bust and her butt. From that one you can guess the quality of film that you are watching. Thank God, it was not as bad I believed it could turn out to be.

Verdict: Think twice before you go to the theatre to watch this one. If you are okay with spending money and tolerating all the excesses, then it can be watched once. Better yet to wait for the DVD when you can forward all those endless songs, fights and chases!

Rating: ** Shaky

** Shaky
*** Smart
**** Snazzy
***** Super


  1. I think i will avoid the movie. the telugu version was not this bad, let me be satisfied with that and not waste time and money on the tamil one, thank you

  2. Very true. I could not bear the movie! With poor storyline, they tried to add lot of comedy artists, which was also not worth it! Don't understand how these movies top the chart!

  3. I love this movie