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Tornado Giveaway 3: Book No. 54: FROM TIGGIE, WITH LOVE by Nitin Sharma

Name of the book: From Tiggie, With Love
Author: Nitin Sharma
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1. Tashu Rana
2. Sohini 
3. Yogesh Kumar 

The Story:

She is a doting wife and living a dream life in Los Angeles. Excited about her big opportunity to interview Rehaan Dutt, India's multi billionaire startup icon; she reaches home. She was happy as everything was falling in place, the way she always wanted it to. But She overheard her husband's 'over the drinks' conversation with his friend that broke her heart. She didn't want to confront him and decides to fly all the way to India to know the truth. Find out what happens when ONCE one had to make a choice between 'Truth' and 'Correct'. From Tiggie, With Love is an intense story by Nitin Sharma that will reaffirm your belief and faith in the power of love. 

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About The Author 

Nitin Sharma, a first generation noted entrepreneur was born in Punjab. After completing his engineering, masters of business administration and creating a mark for himself in the corporate world he decided to rekindle his passion for writing and story-telling and wrote a novel.

From Tiggie, With Love is the first novel of the author. Having a knack for writing he always scribbled short stories for friends ever since he was in school. One fine day after realizing that there was more to life than just writing business plans and strategizing business models he took to full time writing.

He lives in Chandigarh with his family. In his free time he loves to listen to soulful music.

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