Sunday, November 27, 2016

Tornado Giveaway 3: BLIND, CERTAINLY IS LOVE by Reshma Ranjan

The Story:

Neha Jaiswal is beautiful and intelligent—an alluring combination—but chooses to be recluse. What works for her is her intimidating personality that comes with her success. With no desire to get in to a relationship, the strong, assertive, and hardworking Neha manages to keep the men at bay—all except one.

Sumit Conrad, a super sucessful businessman, is an intriguing specimen of a man. Known to the world as the good Conrad, Sumit is actually a recluse who prefers only his own company, to the exception of his brother John and sister-in-law Sarika.

When fate throws the flirt in Sumit and the furious Neha together, sparks are bound to fly.

Will Sumit be able to convince the headstrong and opinionated Neha that what he wants is a long haul and a passing phase?

Or will the stubborn and cantankerous Neha be successful in driving him away?

Will their love make them blind to each other or to their own flaws? Will this blind love ever find its way?


About The Author 

A Passionate romantic who loves literature and has been driven by the romance in nature and the serenity and humbleness of this universe, one who made up her own happy endings in her imagination for every movie or every book with a sad ending. 

“Slowly I started to create my own characters and situation, creating a world of romance and happy endings to my liking. But for my laziness, I would have penned umpteen numbers of stories with unexpected people meeting and falling in love overcoming the troubles and tensions in their life and finally uniting for a lifetime. Penning the beautiful fairytale romances which we all dream about is what I love to do apart from penning few verses or poems on anything under the sun.

Also a voracious reader but for which she believes she could never have started writing. 

"If I can bring a smile and a happy sigh on at least one person’s lips I will feel a blessed writer."

Now residing in Denver, USA and is driven by a penchant to check out each item from her bucket list and soon planning to list down a new bucket list.

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