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Sharing: LITOMANIA 2014 DAY 1

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I was pretty excited when I saw the listing for Litomania in Mumbai Mirror. Having never attended a lit fest ever, I decided to go for this one as it was held quite close to home. I registered immediately online for it and chalked out the programmes I wanted to attend. Preeti Arora – we used to work together at Buzz18 – called to tell me about Litomania and we both decided to meet there.

The first day – October 11, 2014 – inauguration, etc., began late and all the shows were subsequently late.

Without meaning to, I attended the inauguration and after that came the programme – What is India reading? It was a discussion by Amish Tripathi, Ashwin Sanghi, Ravi Subramanian and Ravinder Singh. I have read Amish’s Shiva Trilogy; The Rozabal Line, Chanakya Chants & The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi; If God is a Banker & Devil in Pinstripes by Ravi Subramanian. I got to know that day that Ravinder Singh is a romance author and has written a few books that are very popular with the younger generation. Click Here to know more about this author.

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It was an interesting discussion on how Modern India is keener to read Indian authors who write about Indian characters unlike the older generation who grew up on Western authors. I must say it was a very interesting and absorbing group discussion with all the four authors participating in equal measures.

The next programme I attended was a group discussion on the Romance Genre and I was sure I would find a lot of useful inputs here. The participants were Author Madhuri Banerjee; Author Bhaavna Arora and Author-Publisher Amrita Chowdhury with moderator Rachel Lopez. Topic was Is India exploring the 50 shades?

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Only after sitting for some time I realised that this was only about writing explicit scenes in romances. I haven’t read the Fifty Shades series and that obviously was the reason for my gaffe. When the discussion got to the stage of writing about same sex relationship and relationship with animals (yep, you read right), Preeti and I had had enough and left the hall.

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Preeti had an invite to Ravi Subramanian’s Masterclass on How to write a book and get it published. I checked at the reception if I could attend and as they had no objection, we both went to the hall allotted for the lecture immediately after lunch. Without meaning to we landed at Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s India’s obsession with gastronomy along with Pooja Dhingra and Shipra Khanna. I must say that Sanjeev Kapoor held the audience’s attention as he spoke about his career growth from learning to be a chef, his culinary show on Doordarshan to penning his first recipe book. Today, he has sold more than two and a half million copies of his books. Amazing!

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Next was Ravi Subramanian’s class. He held the audience spell bound as he took us through the session first talking about how to write and then how to get your work published. I liked it when he said that a writer must write every day and should make time for it maybe by giving up on TV time or even sleep. It was sound advice and I have decided to follow it – to write every day. So far so good!

I went to meet the author and introduced myself, congratulating him on his awesome books. I was pretty thrilled when he recognised my name when I told him that I had sent him his book reviews on my blog. Ravi S did promise to help me with the print publishing of my books. Let’s see.

The last class I attended that day was on When writing mythology, does the writing change the writer? Participants were Amish Tripathi and Ashwin Sanghi while the moderator was Rachel Lopez. I had missed half the discussion as the earlier programme had got delayed. But I still found the discussion very interesting.

What a day!

More info on Day 2 in the next blog

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