Thursday, October 2, 2014


Today is Mahatma Gandhi’s 145th birthday. Gandhiji said, “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”. The Joy of Giving Week was introduced in memory of the Father Of Our Nation from the year 2009.

The Joy of Giving Week (JGW) or Daan Utsav is a "festival of philanthropy" that aims to become a part of the Indian ethos, with the Week being celebrated every year covering Gandhi Jayanthi by engaging people through "acts of giving" - money, time, resources and skills - spanning the corporate, NGO and government sectors, schools, colleges and the general public.

I bring to you this mission brought together by the BMC to eradicate TB in Mumbai. I am proud to say that all my family members including me are donors under this scheme.

Mission for TB Control

I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you that Mumbai Mission for TB Control under the banner of BMC has launched a campaign for the Joy of Giving Week – 2nd to 8th October. The campaign entails adoption of TB patients for nutrition on a sustainable basis. They are trying to engage as many donors as possible who will support this program during the Joy of Giving Week.

There are 2500+ Drug Resistant TB patients that take medication from the TB treatment centres (DOTS) in Mumbai. The need of the hour is to improve the immunity of these patients by ensuring that they have access to daily nutrition. They have a support program in place that involves provision of nutrition to the patients.

The mission is looking at the following support from individual donors. The objective is to gather donors who can provide basic nutrition to the patients in the form of food essentials, on a prolonged monthly basis. This is called the ‘Patient Family Outreach Pack’.
Patient Family Outreach Pack:
1.       Dal (2 kg) @ Rs. 90 per kg
2.       Rice (5 kg) @ Rs. 40 per kg
3.       Edible Oil (1 lt) @ Rs. 110 per lt
4.       Peanuts (1 kg) @ Rs. 140 per kg
5.       Jaggery (1/2 kg) @ Rs. 30 per half kg
6.       Salt (1 kg) @ Rs. 17 per kg
The above costs are approximate and for your reference only. The donor can purchase the pack from a wholesale vendor where the food essentials can be procured at a cheaper rate. The donor will be connected to a centre closest to their place of residence for convenience.
One pack is given to one patient every month to take care of monthly nutrition needs. Donors are required to support this on a sustainable and long-term basis. This is a major need among the patients and is quite easy to implement.

Mr. Amitabh Bachchan is the Brand Ambassador for the TB Awareness Campaign. You can check out @SrBachchan’s tweet on the same. 

Any queries may be addressed to Vinitha Venkatraman at with "Mumbai Mission for TB Control" in the subject line.

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