Monday, December 2, 2013


Little Anushka with Bullock Rushi!
On our way to Shani Shingnapur Shrine, we saw a number of sugarcane juice machines run by bullocks. We stopped at one such place to drink some juice. It was manned by Nanda and her 3-year-old daughter Anushka. The pretty little girl was extremely friendly and was thrilled to receive the groundnut chikki that Venkat offered her.

Nanda giving instructions to her Rushi
Nanda persuaded her bullock Rushi to walk around the wooden machine crushing freshly cut sugarcane. She gave Rushi verbal instructions that the bullock followed perfectly. I was not too surprised as I know my cat Simba understands every word that I utter. I was glad to see that she never used a stick on her Rushi. I managed to capture the process on video.

Nanda & Anushka
We refused her offer of ice and had the fresh juice that tasted so yummy. I believe the family of three owns one more juice machine about 15 feet away that is run by her husband Namdeo.

I asked Nanda if she will be sending little Anushka to school. She told me that her daughter would be sent to school when she was four. She also said that they lived not very far away from where they sold cane juice. The whole place was green with so many trees and fields around. I told her that they were very lucky to live amongst nature and Nanda agreed with a wide grin. Mother and daughter posed for a couple of pictures and Anushka was quite thrilled that I had taken one with her and Rushi in the same frame.

We said goodbye and left the smiling mother-daughter duo to return to Shirdi.


  1. :) I have seen these around Vashi & Dadar. Hoped to click a pic next time, you beat me too it with an entire post ! I am glad.

    1. So am I. I have never seen this before and was totally fascinated. :)

  2. You always have such interesting article to share, Sundari. Loved it. The romanticism of living like this is always there in every Indian's heart.

  3. In Gulbarga, this was our familiar jaunt every evening, with Padmashri & Shyam as kids, in the Station Bazaar corner.They used to give these special, regular guests,Sugar cane juice, mixed with adrak & nibupani in proper proportions! Your Chithi will miss anything but not this with the kids! Well the "56 years happy togetherness with her" is gone now!--Dorai Thatha

    1. Dear Dorai Thatha,
      You are talking about Gulbarga so many years ago when Shyam & Padmashri were kids. :)
      This is the first time I saw this kind of a machine and I did think it was a visit back in time.
      I can see you miss Chitthi badly :(

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