Monday, December 9, 2013


When the Anna Hazare movement happened in 2011, I felt that something could happen to finally set right the politics in India. But later, things kind of fizzled out.

When Arvind Kejriwal decided to stand for elections - without Anna Hazare’s blessings - I was also one of those people who wondered whether it was possible for Mr. Kejriwal to uproot corruption from Indian politics.

Yesterday, hope bloomed in my heart after seeing the results of the Delhi elections as well as Arvind Kejriwal’s interview with Barkha Dutt.

Click Here to see part of the interview.

The headline “Don't need character certificate from Rahul Gandhi, says Arvind Kejriwal” can be misleading. At no point was Arvind Kejriwal rude about the other politicians. He did not attack anyone personally. His one mantra was to make life easy for the common man. And I am sure all of us are able to relate to that.

I had tears in my eyes as I watched the interview. AK’s politics is very simple – to do good and to say ‘No’ to corruption. He has proved that it is possible to do well in an election without gundagardi and black money. Hats off!

I could so relate to what he said when he mentioned that it is all not about Aam Aadmi Party but the Aam Aadmi himself. Finally, there is someone who understands despite being part of the power game.

I did wonder whether it was possible for Arvind Kejriwal to take on giants like the Congress and win. Well, I am so glad that he has proved me wrong in the very first election that AAP participated in.

I look forward to the whole nation waking up! 

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